Review for Hold your breath, kid!

Hold your breath, kid!

(#) CosmicZombie 2011-03-13

omg, not another cliffhanger!! you're too good at them haha! but yeah, i LOVE this story and this chapter was awesome xD the way Frankie shoved that horrible corey guy's head in the toilet was awesome haha- glad he showed him he can't mess with him and Gee! oooh and it was sooo cute the way Gee got all worried in starbucks when he couldnt find Frankie...i was like Awwwwh! (though i got a little scared for a moment too haha xD) the whole chapter was just awesome and this made me chuckle :P “Hey you’ll catch flies you know, if you keep your mouth open that wide,” Frankie spoke. pleeease update soon?? puppy dog eyes

CosmicZombie xo

Author's response

haha i know i'm evil mwwaahahaha lol thanks i like them keeps you gripped :D
awww thank you, i thought it was kinda lame but i'm glad you like it >.<
hehe yes little frankie sticking up for his lover XD
aww thanks :)
hehe good mwwahaha
hehe i will in the week
xx coz