Review for JEDI POTTER


(#) twilliams1797 2011-03-19

I wrote a review, deleted it, wrote another and deleted it.
mostly because those reviews were not really about the story.
what they said was this:
I think you write very well, and with exception of a few, if I stopped reading fanfiction entirely, I wouldn't miss it.
those exceptions are Rorshachs Blot, nonjon, and Alorkin...and maybe occasionally,, that said, if sometimes you feel unappreciated, or weary, or it becomes work,
I am a fan.


Author's response

Heya Tim!

Wow! I'm most honored to be on such a short list.

I'd add Seel'vor, Kisnfire, Ishtar, Witowsmp and Robst to that list, as each of them has produced exceptional stories.

Though it does occasionally get to be a bit overwhelming, this is my relaxation. More often, my work has me so tired I go immediately to sleep

I am more than happy you like my words.