Review for The Only One For Me(?)

The Only One For Me(?)

(#) jodiethejodster 2011-03-21

I Cannot Live Without Eyeliner..And i'm 12!!! Tell Your Dad That Its A Way To Express Yourself And It Gives You Confidence (after all, make up is just putting on confidence) :)

Btw...I FRIKING LOVE THIS STORY!!!!!!!!!! more please :) xoxo

Author's response

I love my eyeliner too! I like red the best! I smear it like Frankie, and then I look all other worldly! I love it!. I've tried practically every argument in the book, but I can't get him to budge! I'm gonna try again though! And I'm glad you love the story! Did you know that your story was the first one I read on this site? And it was the second MCR fan fic I'd read. And I loved it!