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Innocent Minds and Crappy Doctors-Chapter 14

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Now for the summary: It's all up to Mikey. Will Frankie be able to tell him the truth? Or will he be able to just sit there as the guilt eats him alive?

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Thanks to everyone who went and read Frerard Gone Wrong! It was great, wasn't it? I told you!By the way, Gerard had been out cold for six days. That's the only reason why Mikey and Mrs. Way weren't there. Frankie's POV

The doctor glared at me. "I need permisson to tell Gee he has ammnesia." I continued.
"Gerard's awake? He has amnesia? What does he remember?" Mikey was shocked.
"He remembers me,and that he likes coffee, and other than that, I have no clue. I'm not too hopeful though." Mikey laughed on the other line.
"Your not just messing with me right? He seriously remembers coffee?"
"Yeah, as soon as he was concious, first words out of his mouth were 'Can I have some coffee?'" Mikey laughed hard.
"God, he scared us this time. Classic Gerard, remebers coffee, even though he forgot everything else. I'll be up soon with Mom."
"Yeah, so can I tell him?" I urged.
"Go ahead, knock yourself out. Your his best friend. Your the only thing he talks about! Except for coffee, ofcourse." We both laughed
"Thanks Mikes. Wait, before you go, do you mind telling this doctor that? Just for the record?"
"Sure, why not?"
"'Kay, here he is." I handed the doctor the phone.
"Okay Mr. Way. I understand, Mr. Way. I won't hassle him any more, Mr. Way. You have to understand it's standard procedur-I'm sorry but he wasn't a blood relative. No, that doesn't count. I'm sorry, Mr. Way. Okay. I'll handle it. Okay. Bye." The doctor glared at me. "Go ahead." he practically hissed at me.
"With pleasure." I was smirking and once I saw Gee it turned into a big ear-to-ear smile. He looked so happy to see me that I almost laughed. "Hey, Gee!"
"Frankie!" He screamed excitedly at me. He's just like a little kid. But I knew what was coming.
"There's something I have to tell you. Something important."
Cliffhanger. Sorry. :) Got to warn you I'm going to my mom's house, so no internet for at most a week. Okay, I'm trying to convince my dad that I should be able to wear eyeliner even though I'm 13. If you think I should, PLEASE leave something saying so. Thanks for everything!
annabel-lee (aka Ex the Monster
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