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This Isn't Fair-Chapter 13

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Frankie's point of view by the way. I feel bad for him. :(

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP BEEP BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEPBEEPBEEP! Gerard's heart beat was speeding up! Oh my God! Is he having a heart attack?! Oh, this is all my fault! I'm so stupid! I can't believe I did this! I deserve to be the one having a heart attack! Not innocent, wonderful Gerard!
"C-can I ha-have some c-coffee? P-please?" GEEE! I burst into joyful laughter. Gee's alive! And AWAKE! HE'S HERE! HE'S OKAY! I felt like shouting and singing. I don't think I'd ever been happier! This is wonderful! I HAVE TO TELL HIM I LOVE HIM!
Gerard frowned. He's soo sweet! He probably hasn't even realized what's going on yet. What's going on. How will he ever forgive me? It isn't fair for me to expect him to. I can't but hope. BUT STILL! HE'S ALIVE! AND AWAKE! I jumped with joy and practically landed on top of Gee.
"Oh my God Gee! Your okay! I'm so sorry Gee! I'm soo sorry! I can't believe I- I'm just so sorry!" I rushed out all in one breath.
"FWANKIE! I'm s-so s-sorry Frankie!" he said opening his eyes. They were bright and full of joy and sincerity. What could he be sorry for? "Frankie, your soo beautiful!" he said. Oh my God! Gee thinks I'm beautiful! He thinks I'm beautiful! Oh my God, Gerard might like guys! I was on top of the world. I laughed with happiness.
But there's no way he'd like me after what happened. It's all my fault. How could he think I'm beautiful after what I did? I'm such a horrible, loathesome, despicable, exscuse of a person. I deserve to die for what I did. I'm horrible. I landed Gerard Angelic Way in the hospital. THE HOSPITAL! I smashed his head open. I almost killed him. The way his face had twisted in pain as he lay there on the ground, the pool of blood under his head, my nasty attitude towards him, all of it came flooding back. I knew it would haunt me for the rest of my life.
"I'm so sorry Gee. I'm so soo sorry." I wept. I let the tears inside me spill out and stream down my face. I swear I could have filled a bath tub, but then I would have drowned myself, just to get rid of the guilt.
"Sorry your beautiful?" he asked innocently. Oh God, he had to be playing with me. He wanted his revenge. He wanted to see my pain. There was no way that he wasn't upset. I ALMOST KILLED HIM! I deserved the pain. I cried harder. "Frankie, don't cry. I'm sorry. Frankie why do you keep saying your sorry? You didn't do anything wrong, I did." I looked back up, tears streaming down my face. First I was confused, then I was shocked and terrified. Holy $h!t, he really didn't remember. He didn't remember. He genuinly had no idea where he was and whyhe's here. He didn't remember what had happened. What else didn't he remember? What if he didn't remember ANYTHING? It's all my fault!
"Oh my God, Gerard! Oh my God, you have amnesia! You seriously don't remember, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault!" I panicked and kept babbling how sorry I was again and again. I did this to him! Me! It's all my fault! Wait... A selfish thought grew in my head. Maybe this was a second chance. A chance to show him how I really feel. Plus, he obviously isn't a homophobe, I mean he said that I was beautiful. That wasn't just talk right? Maybe he meant it. Maybe he likes me. REALLY likes me. We could start all over. We could be a couple. We could go to movies, and draw together, and listen to music, and kiss, and... The possibilities were endless.
It was tempting. So tempting. But he'd realize that hole in the back of his head. He'd want to know how it got there. Sweet Gerard would look at me with his beautiful, puppy-dog eyes and he'd see how guilty I was. He'd find out what I did. How do I tell him? How can I?
"Mr. Iero, can I have a word?" a doctor said gesturing for me to come out of the room. Gerard looked pleadingly at me. He didn't want me to leave.
"I'll be right back." With that I left. I was annoyed with the doc for making me leave. "Yeah?" I asked him once we were out of the room.
"Mr. Iero, if you are right and Mr. Way does have amnesia, then you should leave it to his family to say something. If they give you permission, then you may discuss it with him. Mr. Way is in a very fragile mental state and shouldn't be surprised like that at this time, especially without his family's consent." I was disgusted. I felt like spitting in his face.
"Okay, sir. I'll ask right now." With that I pulled out my cell phone and called up Mikey. "Hey Mikes. I need to ask you something."
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