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I Tried-Chapter 12

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I have to warn all you guys and gals that my mom said she's taking the computer moniter to her friend's house because she got mad at me because she didn't have a coupon. Stupid right? Anyway that means I won't be able to post much of anything unless I find a way around it. When ever I'm at my dad's house though, I'll be able to post "(I'm there right now). Hope you like the chapter!

I have no clue where I am. I feel weak. What the hell happened? It's too dark. I can't see. Who-wait what?-No-Maybe-No-that-I-who-what?-Huhh?-can't-...My ability to think in words was coming back in a garbled mess. It was all backwards and inside out and uncontroled. I'm-...-not-...okay. I congragulated myself on the sentence. I couldn't think all the way still. It was all raw and harsh and floating around in my head.
Wall...wall...Wall? I couldn't tell what I mean't, but I knew it was important. Head? Head! What? M-my head? My head! head. I rolled the words around in my head. I found another word! Pain. What? I'm not in pain. I don't feel anything. Wait. I don't feel ANYTHING? I DON'T FEEL ANYTHING! That's why I'm not okay! I DON'T FEEL ANYTHING! I found that sentence too. Another sentence, yay! My...head...pain...wall? My head pain wall? That was wrong. It wasn't a sentence. I forgot something important, I could tell. I couldn't tell what though. What? What am I missing? Fr. Fr? Frrrr? What does Fr mean? It means something important. Really important. I couldn't find the rest of the word. It made me...sad. I felt something! Sad. I found a word!
I still had no clue what it meant. The words I found meant something. But what? That made me angry. And aggravated. And confused! And frustrated! Words started flooding back to me. Too many at once. But they weren't important. But they distracted me. I put aside my important words and marvelled at all the others. Like "pocket" and "doctor" and "cat" and "coffee". I liked coffee. I remebered that. And I didn't like doctors. And cats had fur. And fur was soft. Like a pillow! Or a cloud! Then I saw the word "childish". I knew immidiatly I was being childish. That wasn't good. I shouldn't be childish. I found two words I liked better "in" and "awe". I was in awe. I liked that better.
Then I found something I could tell wasn't a word. ankie. What is ankie? What does it mean? Love! Something to do with love. Then I saw hug. ankie, hug, MY OTHER WORDS! I had forgot! I found them and thought really hard, what do they mean? Mean, the other mean! Like not nice! That went along with them too. My head, hug, pain, Fr, wall, mean, ankie. And love! My head, hug, love, pain, wall, Fr, ankie, me-wait! Fr and ankie! Fr-ankie. Frankie! Love Frankie! Frankie! Yay! Mean. Mean? Was I mean? I was mean! I'm mean! I'm sorry!
I wanted to tell Frankie, but where is he? Where is Frankie? Wait a second! Where am I? It's too dark. I'm sorry Frankie! I was mean! I wanted to say it, but I couldn't. Say. Say? Say! I can't say it! I can't talk! I CAN'T TALK! Where am I? Why is it dark? Why can't I remember? Who am I? Gee.
"GEE!" The sound startled me. Frankie! It's Frankie! But I couldn't see him. It's too dark. And I can't hear anything either. I can't hear! But fankie was calling my name! I love you Frankie! I thought to him, even though I knew he couldn't hear me, because I couldn't talk. I was frustrated again. I want to tell- no I NEED to tell Frankie that I love him!
Then I was sad again. I wanted a hug. I wish Frankie would give me a hug. Where IS frankie? Whereever he was, he wasn't giving me a hug. Now I was grumpy. Why won't Frankie give me a hug? I'm sorry Frankie! I shouldn't be mad, I was mean, I don't deserve a hug. :( I don't deserve a hug. That made me sad again, then I was embarassed 'cause I was being childish. I sulked by myself, wishing for a hug that I didn't get for a long time.
BEEP! BEEP! BEEP BEEP BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEPBEEPBEEP! I got more and more annoyed as the beeping speed up. Stupid beeping. It was so annoying. Wait! It's sound I heard something! I got excited as the beeping continued. Then I head voices. Voices! Can I talk? I want coffee. I like coffee.
"C-can I ha-have some c-coffee? P-please?" I said it! The words were a little slurred,but I said it! I heard laughing. I felt myself frowning. I honestly did want coffee. Why was that funny? I felt something crushing me. The laughter continued.
"Oh my God Gee! Your okay! I'm so sorry Gee! I'm soo sorry! I can't believe I- I'm just so sorry!" FRANKIE! It's Frankie! I love Frankie!
"FWANKIE! I'm s-so s-sorry Frankie!" I opened my eyes. I wanted nothing more than I wanted to see Frankie! And there he was! Frankie was beautiful! "Frankie, your soo beautiful!" I said. Then I knew I shouldn't have. I didn't know why I shouldn't have, I just knew I shouldn't say that. Frankie laughed really hard, but then his face went sad again. I didn't like it.
"I'm so sorry Gee. I'm so soo sorry." he started to cry.
"Sorry your beautiful?" I asked. Why was he sorry? I'm the one who should be sorry. I shouldn't have said he was beautiful, even though it was true. All this thinking made my head hurt. Oh God, my head was throbbing. I tried to touch it but my arms felt heavy and I couldn't do it. Frankie kept crying. "Frankie, don't cry. I'm sorry. Frankie why do you keep saying your sorry? You didn't do anything wrong, I did." He looked back up, tears streaming down his face. His eyes looked confused. Then he looked shocked and scared.
"Oh my God, Gerard! Oh my God, you have amnesia! You seriously don't remember, I'm so sorry. This is all my fault!" What is he talking about? What's amnesia?
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