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The 11th-(Should I start actually naming these?)

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Frankie's POV!

"I NEED AN AMBULANCE! CALL 911! THERE'S BEEN AN ACCIDENT!" I kept holloring, my voice was getting hoarse. OH GOD! GERARD! I pulled my phone out again, but I didn't stop running. Two bars! YES!!
9-1-1 the keys beeped as I dialed.
"Hello, 911, what's your emergency?"
"I NEED AN AMBULANCE! I ACCIDENTLY PUSHED MY FRIEND, AND HE FELL AND BROKE HIS HEAD OPEN AND THERE'S BLOOD!" I screamed and sobbed out to the too calm lady on the other end.
"Calm down sir. Is he concious?"
"He-I don't-I didn't have any cell s-service, s-so I had t-to ru-run to find s-some." I stuttered out.
"Do you know where he is?"
"He's in this al-lley."
"Do you kow what it banches off of?"
"I have no c-clue." I started to stutter again and started running back the way I'd came. "I'm trying to run back toward's him. C-can't you track the c-call?" I was still sobbing hysterically.
"Yes, sir. I'm doing that as we speak."
"What if the call d-dr-rops?" my tears fell harder at the idea. Gerard might die! It's all my fault. I started wailing.
"Sir, everything will be fine. An ambulance is on the way. I'll stay on the phone with you 'til it gets there. Everything will be fine."
"G-Gee is g-gonna effin' d-die and your s-so c-calm. It's all m-my f-fault! I pushed him away and h-he's go-gonn-na d-die!" I wailed as she insisted everything was fine. "Th-the b-best th-thing th-that ever ha-happened to m-me, and h-he's g-go-nna die!" Just then I found Gee sprawled out, not moving. I screamed in agony.
"Sir, SIR! Are you okay?!?"
"HE'S DEAD! GEE IS DEAD!" I wailed out. I didn't-Icouldn't think.
"Sir, are you sure he's dead? Can you check for a pulse?" I lightly touched under Gee's ear on his neck. I felt such a faint, slow, beat. I was overjoyed he was alive, but I couldn't help but realize the pool of blood had grown considerably.
"GEE! CAN YOU HEAR ME??? GEE I NEED TO HEAR YOUR VOICE! GEE CAN YOU MOVE? GEE? GEE!" I shouted at him as his pulse grew fainter and slower. Just then I heard a siren, but I could tell it was much too far away.
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