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Tenth Chapter XOXOXO

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Thanks to GreenDaySavedMyLife and CourtneyAlerion! By the way sorry I took my anger out on Gerard. I fought with one of my BFFs. Anyway, what's going on for Frankie-boy?

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I turned around and saw Gerard, exactly who I DIDN'T want to see. God, what do I have to do to get away from him? Can't he give me a second of peace? First he was blowing up my phone, now he had to find me when all I wanted was a second alone to think. Gerard gets everything. He can do whatever he wants. And it doesn't even occur to him that he might not be the only person in the world. I was angry, steaming, an inferno. I hated the disregard he had for everyone else.
"FRANKIE!" He shouted overjoyed. He sounded like a little kid. Then he broke into a sprint. I didn't let it effect me, that's why he can get away with hurting me, because I let him. He slowed down andd looked puzzled. I glared, like a poisonous snake. I didn't want his body anywhere near me. "What's wrong?" he asked innocently. That was a mistake. He just fed the flames in my heart. How could he NOT know? Was he that oblivious? He ripped my heart to pieces. What's wrong? everything! how could he! He looked shocked.
"What the hell do you want?" Did he come here to make me feel worse? I could bearly stop myself from screaming and attacking him. I felt like a savage beast, no morals. I felt like kicking him in those balls of his I had spent hours guiltily daydreaming about. WQhy did I have to love him. I hate myself for loving him.
"I-I really ne-need to t-talk with you." he stuttered, then nervously swallowed. I felt a sick sort of pleasure from having the power over him. Now he, who towered over me, was nervous because of me.
"Sorry b!tch, I don't need to hear anything you've gotta say. So p!$$ off." His expression showed pure agony.
"Frankie, I-I'm soo sorry" he whimpered out, "a-about Kimberly. W-w-we're not together
any-ny-ymore." I calmed a bit for a second. He gave me a hug.
Awwwhh sh!t, I freaked. In a second of rage, I pushed him off me hard. Terror filled me as I realized I had knocked Gerard to the ground. His head hit the ground with a sickening crack. OH NO!!!!!!! Not Gerard! This is my fault! Oh God! Blood started seaping out of Gee's head forming a small pool. NOOOOO!!!!! NO!!! Tears streamed down Gerard's angel face as it twisted in pain and misery. I took my phone out to call 911, no bars. Sh*t!
"I'll be back in one minute, I'm soo sorry, I have to call 911!" I urgently screamed.. I ran towards town screaming, "HELP! WE NEED AN AMBULANCE! HELP ME! HELP GOD D@MM!T"
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