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The Fall air was cold as I wracked my brain for where Frankie could be. I couldn't think straight. Oh God! I'm so dumb! Whenever I wasn't sure where he was I still had some sort of creepy, weird instinct that told me which way to go. It always made me feel like a stalker so I had started just ignoring it. I know, it's creepy, I know it's impossible, but if it means finding Frankie, it's worth it. I closed my eyes and followed my impulses as I twisted around odd turns through alleys. I had to be getting closer, I could feel it.
I was suddenly overcome with ideas. Dirty ideas, about me and Frankie. Innocent, dirty ideas. Is that even possible? For something to be innocent and dirty? I love Frankie, and I want Frankie. An image of us kissing entered my mind. Soon my imagination had gotten out of control, picturing us nude, together, in bed. His hands balled up in my hair, my hands some place unmentionable. I snapped back into reality. Ihad to stop thinking about Frank like that. No matter how sexy he is he's not me boyfriend. Yet. I knew that I was just indulging myself butwhat harm could it do.
Soon I looked up, I saw some one. I knew it was him. He looked up, but said nothing.
"FRANKIE!" I shouted like a little kid. I raced towards him. Sometihng was wrong. I slowed. Then I noticed his cold expression. Not p!$$ed, not happy, not angry, but acidic. What? "what's wrong?" I said concerned. He looked like he hated me. Was it that bad that I was a little interseted in Kimberly? I was shocked.
"What the hell do you want?" I shrank back at his tone. His I-wish-you-were-dead tone.
"I-I really ne-need to t-talk with you." I said gulping. What happened to Frankie?
"Sorry b!tch, I don't need to hear anything you've gotta say. So p!$$ off." he said back. His words burned me and sliced me open. It destroyed me. His cold dead tone made it worse. My eyes started to burn.
"Frankie, I-I'm soo sorry" I whimpered out, "a-about Kimberly. W-w-we're not together
any-ny-ymore." His eyes softened a bit for a second. I gave him a hug.
Awwwhh sh!t, pain filled me as I fell backward, collapsing onto the cement. Pain filled my entire body. I clutched my head where the pain seemed thickest. The hair was wet, warm, sticky. My blood was gushing out, but that was nothing compared to the pain of the rejection.
Frankie!-Frankie didn't love me. Frankie hated me. Frankie hurt me. Frankie didn't want me. Frankie didn't love me. Frankie wanted me to be in pain. Frankie wanted to hurt me. I gathered my strength and looked up. Frankie was watching me, but I couldn't see clearly, he was a blur. He flipped me off and left. My sweet Frankie! Why? What had I done? What had I...I couldn't even think anymore. Everything was going dark...I slipped into the black.
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