Review for The Only One For Me(?)

The Only One For Me(?)

(#) mikeyfuckingwayfan 2011-03-21

i love this, update soon please!
also, just go ahead and wear eyeliner. i'm 15 i've been wearing it for like 2 years and my dad STILL gets pissed at me for it, its your choise it doesnt affect him so

Author's response

I'd love to, but...I don't know. My mom and I REALLY don't get along (as in she throws my stuff out the window and knocks me into furniture) and my dad is kind of my rock. I have to admit thouggh, A couple weeks ago I did. I wore it anyway. He found out, and was dissapointed. And it was horrible. He got angry and To make things worse I was going to my moms house (she was the one who told him) and apparently the school had called, "concerned I was depressed" or something (I did the whole Frank Iero red eyeliner thing). Sorry that I went off on a rant about eyeliner.
I'm glad you like the story and I promise to update tonight! :) By the way, I LOVE your username! It's awesome!