Review for Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day

Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day

(#) ChloesGreenDay 2011-03-22

Well, this pretty much happens with EVERY band. It's not really their fault, more the fault of the media and the fans. Most fan girls these days are like "oh my gawd, billie joe is SO hawt" and they only see that. They don't see the dedication of the other members, which is kinda sad i must admit. The media's just looking for a quick interview, they don't care if the rest of the band have something to say. They focus on the frontman because that's what the majority want to see & hear. It's a sad fact, but every band with attractive singers goes through this. Us, as the real fans, have just got to learn to endure it. The worst case of this happening is with Hayley (don't care if i spelt it wrong) Williams. It's litrally just become "Hayley and the backing band". Anyhow, i know that Mr Tre Cool is the funniest, randomest and sweetest guy you could meet. He rocks at the drums so hard, and i seriously have no idea how he keeps it going on for that long. Mike Dirnt comes up with some of the best Bass lines i know, he's a pure frickin genius. "J.A.R" "No One Knows" "Longview" and countless others wouldn't even be around if it wasn't for him. He's so so talented, and i worship him for it.

The two Jasons, ahaha. What can i say? They've been rocking out with our boys for years, and if you don't know who they are, then you should be bloody well ashamed of yourself.

Just remember, that it doesn't matter how the squealing fangirls or the media portrays them. They are still OUR Green Day, and nothing can change that. And i fell in love long before i actually saw their faces. In fact, the first time i saw them, it was on a magisigne and the photo's looked like CRAP. it made them look really old and unapealing, and i was like eww but i still loved their music. Of course i have seen better pictures now, so i know better. ;) I hope this helped.