Review for Shockwave Current

Shockwave Current

(#) shortygirl 2011-03-22

Killjoy name:Desret shadow

Real name (optional):Emily

Age (Gerard and co. are all their real ages):19

Skills:Combat, boxing, and driving really fast to get away

How you would like to meet the fabulous killjoys:I see myself meeting the killjoys while trying to escape the dracs. Not knowing that the killjoys live there

Background info:Parents were brain washed. Forced to escape from battery city. Still being chased down by my family wanting me to take the pills

Appearance:brown hair, brown eyes,im hispanic but you can't really tell. I look like a white girl.

Likes:mexican food, chinese food well food in general. music. animals kicking korse's ass

Dislikes:Korse, and the pirate looking shirt, being left alone, crappy music

Personality:shy and quiet at first. but i do talk alot and if you piss me off i will explode. I may seem quiet but that doesn't mean i wont kick someones ass

How you would like to act:upbeat, serious when the time comes for it, and able to keep up

How you wouldn't like to act:braty and bitchy

If you wanna be paired up with either Gee, Frank, Ray, or Mikey (Yet again this is optional):Frankie

Style:fraded jeans, boots, bright colors(blue would be nice) and blue streks in hair

Catchphrase (Optional): You fuck-tard

Pets (if you wish to have one):

I really love this story. I hope I get a chance to be in it