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Rawr!!! Which (if you don't speak dinosaur) means 'help please!'

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Help me out guys :)

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Raawr!! Hello my little Killjoys, I am at this moment hyped up on three bags of Skittles!

Apologies if you expected another chapter and it turned out to be a note from the hyped up, insane author.
Anywho, I have a favour to ask...
Ya see, I need a killjoy, boy or girl I don't mind, to appear in Shockwave Current. I can only choose one, sorry. But if you're interested please leave ya info as follows;

Killjoy name:
Real name (optional):
Age (Gerard and co. are all their real ages):
How you would like to meet the fabulous killjoys:
Background info:
How you would like to act:
How you wouldn't like to act:
If you wanna be paired up with either Gee, Frank, Ray, or Mikey (Yet again this is optional):
Catchphrase (Optional):
Pets (if you wish to have one):

I'll give you guys umm... 5 hours? Just say if you need longer :)

Results up soon!!!

Coffee, muffins and Skittles,

Unicorns-are-real xoxo
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