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Run, run, Shockwave, run...

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Shockwave's POV.

I wrenched the small computer screen from Korse's hand.

"You just got fuckin' lucky." I snarled, kicking him hard in the side and I ran for the Trans Am, a little flustered. Kobra had the wheel gripped so tight that his knuckles were white. I got in and buckled up. He looked down at the portable screen in my hands.

"What's that?" He asked.

"Not right now. I'll show you in a bit."

He went to protest but Eric barked, notifying us on the amount of Dracs behind, some were on bikes. Kobra floored it. The engine roared and growled as the car shot down the road, Kobra turned the corner a little too sharply and I smacked my head off the window painfully. But then I remembered that the pain wasn't real, it was just a program filed into my head; all the pain, all the emotions I felt never existed. I sighed woefully.

"What's wrong, Shockwave? Are you hurt?" Kobra frowned, conern dripping off every word. I couldn't tell him, I just couldn't.
"It's just a bump; it's nothing, Kobra." I rubbed my head to back my statement up and he bought it. He smiled as he turned the last corner, yet again too sharply for mine and Eric's liking. Eric nipped Kobra's arm as a warning,
"Hey! If you don't approve of my driving why don't you try it?" He laughed, sticking his tounge out at the cheeky Weimaraner.

The scenery blurred by, Battery City leaving us but the Dracs persisted to stay on our tail. I grabbed Kobra's gun and leaned out of the window, firing at the bikes. I hit the first bike's tyre and it spun out from under the Drac seated upon it, bringing him down to the dust and sending him flying.
I caught the second full on in the face after his blast nearly caught my eye, missing me by centimeteres. I brought him down to the ground.
The third veered off and turned back.
He got away, narrowly missing the gunfire aimed at his back.

I sat back into my seat and took Korse's computer out and clicked the power button. The BL/ind logo; a smiley white face on a black background; filled the screen. A keypad flashed up;

Welcome Master Korse. Who would you like to view today?

I tapped the screen feverishly.

Party Poison.

A file popped up.

Name: Gerard Arthur Way
Age: 33
Occupation: Killjoy
Bio: Responds to the taken name of Party Poison. Aptly named for his annoying talents of ruining every plan and party. Blood relation to Michael James Way (The Kobra Kid). Number one on the Extermination List.
Associates with;
Frank Anthony Iero (Fun Ghoul)
Raymond Toro (Jet Star).

***********KILL ON SITE**************

I clicked onto his name.

View in color? The machine asked. I clicked yes.

A scene blurred up and sharpened into focus. I held it out so that Kobra and I could both see it.

Party Poison was still on the couch, he hadn't moved an inch. Impossibly, he seemed even more pale. His eyes were screwed shut and his teeth gritted tightly as he coughed and wheezed. Kobra stroked the screen tenderly, wanting to reach his dying bretheren.
"Bro?" He sniffled, tears welling up as he stopped the car. "What's happened to him? Why isn't he getting better?! Deathdefying promised he would get better!!!" His voice grew more hysterical with each word he spoke.

"Deathdefying doesn't know how to use the equipment dad gave him." I muttered and Kobra's face fell. Even Eric whined as he watched the screen. "Kobra. I want you to trust me. I know how to use the equipment but it's risky. I know I'm fourteen and all that shit but please believe me when I say that I can help him."

Kobra looked deep into my yellow eyes.

"I trust you, Shockwave, I do."

I grimaced.

"Let's go then."

Kobra nodded and stomped the gas and the car shunted forward. I watched the desert blurr by, Eric asleep in my lap.
You're gonna make it, Party. I promise.
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