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Escape is difficult and Party's getting sicker by the second...

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Shockwave's POV.

"That's it, Sara." Korse smiled. "Hand him to me; he is a bad man, he deserves to be punished."
I grabbed Kobra's arms and twisted them behind his back, he cried out, falling on his knees onto the carpet beneath him. I hauled him back to his feet, no emotion on my face.

"Shockwave, please! Don't do this! I thought you remembered!" he exclaimed through gritted teeth, his jaw taught from pain. I looked at him,
"I don't know you." I replied. My father smiled as I dragged Kobra to him. He held out a pair of handcuffs, his yellow eyes flashing menacingly.
"No! Please! Please! I beg you! Don't do this!" Kobra pleaded.
Korse reached his hands out to siese him when I suddenly flung Kobra to the side. He yelped and hit the wall as I brought a clenched fist to Korse's face. His head snapped back and he turned to glare at me,

"You sneaky little bitch!" He bled no blood from his nose and I berated myself for forgetting he was a robot. He pulled out his laser gun but Kobra grabbed my wrist and then we were running. Eric bounded after us, whimpering as Korse fired blast after blast, the light illuminating the hallway that led out of the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W apartments.

Dracs flooded through after us. More lights. More blasts. More memories.
Snakebite and I running, just like we were now. The Trans Am was a few more blocks away from us. I gasped, panting heavily for breath. The wind whipped my hair back and clawed at my face, making my eyes smart.
Kobra fired randomly over his shoulder, taking down Drac after Drac. We turned a corner and Kobra pushed me into an alleyway.

"Stay here, I'll go get the car." He sprinted off, taking Eric with him; Eric had to be safe. I heard Dracs shouting and raving like loonies.
I pressed myself against a trash can and closed my eyes, waiting for Kobra. The Dracs voices started to dim and I figured that they were chasing after the Trans Am.

There were footsteps in front of me and I opened my eyes slowly. Korse looked down at me, grinning wickedly. My heart thudded in my chest in a frantic, jumpy rhythm. Hurry Kobra, fucking hurry! Korse pulled out a knife,
"You really were an ingenius gadget, Sara. Shame I have to destroy you."
I frowned,
"Gadget? What do you mean, gadget?!"
At this he smirked,
"You're part robot stupid. An ingenious little device. You were a human...once. But we upgraded you, made you better."

I stared, anger boiling up inside of me.
"You bastard! You took away my life! I hate you!"
By some kind of strength I lunged and wrestled him to the ground. I slammed my fist repeatedly into his smirking face, his smile dying as something under his skin cracked sonorously. A broad grin spread across my lips. I snatched the blade from his hand as he lay there, dazed. He gripped my wrist before I could plunge it into him.
He pulled out a small hand held screen from his pocket,
"Let's see how Party's doing first though, hmmm?"
I gawped at the screen, my anger replaced by worry.
"Party?" I whispered. He clicked a button and a scene flooded on, the picture fed by one of his bugging cameras.
It was in full color and every last detail was picked up.

Party was laid on a couch, Fun Ghoul holding his hand comfortingly. Party's chest rose and fell raggedly, each breath laboured and obviously excruiatingly painful. His forehead had a sheen of sweat that Doctor Deathdefying tried to cool with cloth and water. Party's face was sallow and pale, dark circles framing his closed eyes and he thrashed weakly as a fever racked through his body. The guys didn't know how to use the medical equipment; but I did. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

"You kill me now and you waste valuable time in saving Party Poison. You see Shockwave, Party's body can only take so much and as you can clearly see by the picture, it's shutting down. Tick-tock-tick-tock Shockwave, make your choice; kill me or save Party. Oooh, difficult isn't it sweetie?"

I dropped the knife and my head in defeat, scrabbling to my feet as the Trans Am pulled up.
He smiled,
"I always win, Shockwave."

I shook my head and glared at him,

"You didn't win. You just got lucky."
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