Review for Shockwave Current

Shockwave Current

(#) coffeeaddict 2011-03-22

Hai! So I like your story, and I'll give you a character I kind of made up on a whim. Here goes! Hope you like it.

Killjoy name: Rivet
Real name (optional):
Age (Gerard and co. are all their real ages): 19
Skills: Sneaky as hell, very charismatic. Good with the technologies :3
How you would like to meet the fabulous killjoys: In an epic sunrise setting, waltzing between zones.
Background info: Who knows where she came from? Found wandering in the desert with no idea of who she is or what she's done. Survived on basic instinct and has become very well adapted to the settings and combat situations. Tends to lose herself in thought, alluding to a different time and place. Also found with multiple old-timey weapons and ammo, which she keeps strapped to either her hip or over her shoulder.
Appearance: Tall, willowy. Just a plain pair of jeans with an olive drab flight-jacket, like something a pilot would wear in the 1940's wars. Brown cowboy boots over the jeans. Has self-made choppy brown hair, green eyes, and an ever-present "I know what the hell you did there" smirk. Slightly dark-skinned. Large aviator shades perched atop her head at all times.
Likes: Big guns, fast cars, and 30's and 40's era swing band music.
Dislikes: Hot and spicy food, cold weather, and high heels.
Personality: Silent until spoken to; snippy and rather quick to respond to a stupid question. Otherwise likes to lounge and dream up outrageous devices and search for anything retro.
How you would like to act: Chill, but serious. Ready to kick ass at all times.
How you wouldn't like to act: Like an epic bitch, or a know-it-all.
If you wanna be paired up with either Gee, Frank, Ray, or Mikey (Yet again this is optional): Gerard.
Style: Steampunk-esque, likes anything vintage or war-themed.
Catchphrase (Optional): Holy fuck me sideways.
Pets (if you wish to have one): None O.o