Review for The Only One For Me(?)

The Only One For Me(?)

(#) ShannonThePirate 2011-03-24

Aww poor gee! Let me guess... You were writing fanfic, making a sweet-assed piece of art that is something to do with my chem or watching LOTMAS? Just my guesses, prob wrong tho :L :L
-hugs&hi5s (:

Author's response

I know! Gee is soo clueless! And yep! You win! I wrote fan fiction, and I made some MCR artwork (kind of) but I have no clue what LOTMAS is. My art work is an embroidered MCR shirt with "Dead!" on the front and I'm working on "If life AIN'T just a joke then why am I laughin'?" on the back. Can you imagine some goth like teen sewing like an old lady? I laughed at my self so hard! So CONGRATS! When you see this leave a review about your character. As much about him or her as you can, please! Lots of stuff! As much info as possible, please! And once again CONGRAGULATIONS!