Review for A Frerard Poem

A Frerard Poem

(#) PatrickIsTheSex 2011-03-24

Awh! I love this! Coralie(cup-full-of-blood) gets really hyper when she writes these poems! R when she shows them to me and our other friend. She's really good at all her writing and so are you! Your stories and poem are really amazing. Can I have your brain? You should try writing poems in class, it's funny if there PG and your teacher reads them. It happened to me once. Oh, and I might ask Coralie to upload our poem book. It's just a book full of poems but some of them are really funny! But keep writing! I love your stories etc.!
Beth xo.

Author's response

awww, THANK YOU! :D i'm smiling like a crazy person at my computer now haha! hmmm...i think i might start writing poems in school- sounds fun xD me and my friend were passing notes once and the teacher read them out...veeery embarrassing, especially as we were talking about Frerard O: lol
yeah, please upload your poem book- it sounds awesome and i love both of your work :D
so glad you like my stories and thanks for reviewing!

CosmicZombie xo

p.s. hope you update it's so wrong, yet so right's freakin awesome! xD