Review for Don't Stop If I Fall And Don't Look Back

Don't Stop If I Fall And Don't Look Back

(#) ChloesGreenDay 2011-03-27

Ahaha, i see some of my advice being followed.

I'll tell you what, if you can't be arsed with grammar and all that stuff, would you like me to be a beta reader for you? You could send it to me, i could edit any mistakes, and i could send it back.

I'm currently a beta reader for about four others, and i'm a predicted A* in english for my GCSE. I've won grammar awards and stuff, so i hope you can trust me. xD

If you would like that, my email is


Oh yeah, and great update!

Author's response

thanks yeah i really can't be bothered with grammar (so lucky i have spell check XD ) it's okay though, i think so far people can read it without getting confused. If i really feel lazy or just really don't want to add punctuation i will it send you :)