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From Decimated Dreams

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''Just a Dream.... Nothing else.'' Sometimes you can't even convince yourself.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Horror - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Warnings: [!] [V] - Published: 2011-03-26 - Updated: 2011-03-26 - 607 words

Enjoying it so far. If not don't worry its gonna get better. Actually I'm not sure where this is going but i have some idea's (Frerard anyone???)

''Where am i? Stupid question its pitch black''. Some kind of dark abandoned house like a horror movie... wait how did i get here? Where is everyone? ''Mikey...Frank...Ray... anyone?'' My voice was a mere echo. My hands are all sticky, and i'm shivering. Okay, Whats the last thing i remember? A bright light filled the room, THERE'S BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!! The ceiling, walls and soaked into the floor. My blood? No but i'm fine, i'm Okay... Aren't i? a piecing scream rang out that cut through my body. The walls around me seemed to shatter like glass. Images of my friends, my brother, my wife and child spun around me. Their lifeless dull eyes burning my skin and they too were covered in crimson red blood. I collapsed to the floor. I could hear their whispering voices in my head getting louder and louder until they engulfed my very soul. I was suddenly holding a blood drenched knife. This didn't make any sense, i loved Lyn-z and Bandit with all my heart i would never hurt them. I had to make the voices stop. I covered my ears, screaming trying to drown out a noise that was in my head. It was too loud to hear what they were saying. I was suddenly aware i was falling, into a pit of blackness. Pain numbed me as i hit the ground. Now all that was left was my own voice screaming....

''GEE...GERARD WAKE UP!!!''...''Ray get some water, he's not waking up''
My eyes jolted open to Mikey's concerned tear stained face. Frank stood behind him with a pure look of horror. I was back in the bunk,covered in ice cold sweat and my body was trembling uncontrollably, my head was spinning.
''Gee can you hear me?, are you okay?'' Mikey was shaking my shoulders bringing me back to reality.
''W-wh.'' it was all too much as i felt tears prickled the corners of my eye and i began to sob.
''Frank call Jeff '' Ray whispered
Mikey held my shaking body close as i cried with fear and confusion. The guys seemed pretty shaken too.
Another 20 minutes of shaking and hyperventilating my sob's turned into whimpering as i clung to Mikey. I needed to make sure he was still here, still with me.
''Gerard, you okay?'' Ray approached cautiously, still trying to determine if i was able to talk or not .
''w-what h-happened?'' i stuttered still in shock
''we should talk about it in the morning.'' Frank stated as he returned to the room (i hadn't noticed he had left) ''Take these '' he smiled reassuringly holding out 2 small white pills. I greedily swallowed the drugs, no idea what they were but i immediately felt more relaxed and drowsy. My vision became blurred and my mind began to fade into darkness. a dreamless sleep.

I had no idea when it was i reopened my eyes. My sense of time was scrambled and my mind was blank. What happened last night (or this morning), that nightmare was so vivid, so real. ''Just a dream'' i reminded myself out loud ''...Nothing else.'' I reached over to grab my watch, when i noticed my hands were smeared with a cold red substance. My heart stopped.

Yeah, sorry bout any grammar mistakes (forgiveness pweez) yeah i have a better idea of where this story is going now. R&R :D
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