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This Is How I Disappear

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Gerard's Nightmares are pulling him into darkness.How long can he hide it until he drags his band mates with him?? first fic so train-wreck expected :/

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OK just warning everyone this is my first fan fiction so be gentle :) right now for the disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING [but the plot, its mine i say] . rates and reviews are appreciated. I'm not sure where this story is going but my writing skills have been praised before so bear with me.

Gerard's POV

The crowds roar was deafening. Frank was still going crazy and the song had already finished. I turned to my left to see Mikey looking at me in complete awe. Did my singing still leave him speechless? ''THANK YOU, NEW YORK YOU'VE BEEN A FUCKING GREAT AUDIENCE'' I screamed into the microphone. As we walked back stage in triumph for another great show i was bombarded with complements about the bands performance, from the crew and well just about everyone we passed .
''Ray you killed tonight man'' I heard Frankie yell excitedly from behind me.
''Dude, i was nothing compared to Gee, you brought A game tonight bro'' he grinned giving me a friendly shoulder squeeze.
''Thanks Guys'' i smiled at their praise ''Mikey that was amazing what you did in planetary! You come up with that?''
Mikey bushed shyly ''it wasn't that good.'' he was always so humble like he didn't deserve all the admiration he got.

When we finally got back to the 'chill room' as we called it i was absolutely exhausted. Sure i loved shows and touring was great but they were always so draining. As i collapsed onto the couch i looked around to see what my band mates were doing. Frank was whining at one of the techs to play Xbox with him since Ray was calling Christa, Mikey was fiddling with his guitar when he looked up to see me staring. He gave me a small smile. i sighed happily as i closed my tired eyes, letting my vibrant (not to mention sweaty) red hair fall in my face. i knew i would only be able to relax for 20 minutes tops because we had to get packed back onto the bus. I savoured this moment of peace and quiet; don't get me wrong i love our fans but do they have to be so loud? My head pounded as i tried to answer that question.
''Gee, you alright you look a little rough.'' I opened my eyes to find Mikey grabbing his water bottle from beside me. I held my head in immediate response to the sudden light.
''Yeah just tired Mikes.'' i smiled reassuringly as i felt his eyes study my face.
''Well we gotta get back on the bus like now, so you can relax there. Kay''
''mmmmph'' i muttered in response as i heard him leave the room.

I had never felt this tired after a show before. maybe i was sick. yeah that was probably it we'ed been touring for 4 months and a show almost every night, its gonna wear you down right. I was on auto-pilot as i walked onto the bus and straight to my bunk. i must of looked like a zombie with all that stage make up and the fact my only thought at this point was sleep. i didn't have the energy to wash or change into my skeleton pajamas, i was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

so how am i doing so far. R&R Your thoughts.
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