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Your Misery And Hate Will Kill Us All

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Gerard can't explain to the others what he can't yet explain to himself ... (FRANKS POV)

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Getting better? Worse? R&R so i know if i should continue or not cause i have like a million story idea's but don't want to do more than one at a time. BLESS YOUR FACE

FRANKS POV (cause lets face everything's better that way lol )

Today was going to be a long day, i could feel it. After last night little 'incident' least to say i was scared shitless. I couldn't get back to sleep, so i just stared up at the ceiling until sunrise which in actuality was only about 3 hours. Gerard's fit or whatever was pretty early in the morning and had woken us all up. I still wasn't sure what had even happened. No doubt Gerard would be asking questions. He looked so confused when he woke up ... so lost. It was probably just a really bad night terror due to stress or something. Okay even i didn't believe that, but i wanted too.

At 7.30 deciding it was time to get coffee, i left my bunk to look in at Gee. Still sleeping. Guess those pills worked, he was on the verge of a panic attack last night. I gently kissed his forehead i was still in shock and worried about him, i was normally the sick one. I made some coffee and had a quick shower, but must've woken the guys because when i got out they were both sitting there with distressed looks on their faces. Guess they had some theories too.
''um, hey'' Ray bit his lip nervously ''So you get enough sleep last night?''
''What do you think?'' i mumbled sarcastically, sitting down for more coffee. They didn't look to rested either. Mikey had bags under his eyes and Ray's fro was sticking out all over the place.
''Gee awake? '' i asked, hoping to get to the point quicker and avoid all this small talk.
Mikey sighed ''No, not yet anyway'' he turned towards the bunk room. '' do you think he's ... using again'' he whispered in a concerned tone. My blood boiled at his comment. ''NO!'' i exclaimed probably a little too loudly. ''He would never, anyway it was only a nightmare why are we getting so worked up over it maybe it was something he ate?''
Ray shook his head ''No Frankie, this was different to any nightmare he's had. It was like he was having a seizure or something, it was scary.'' his voice became hushed at that last part.
There was a deathly silence in the room and Mikey buried his head in his hands. I put my arm around him, and shot a look at Ray. ''Sorry'' he said hoping not to have upset the younger Way too much ''ya know it's probably just stress i mean every one deals with it in different ways''. Mikey raised his head and gave a small nod, he was always worried about Gee despite being the younger sibling. Gerard could be a more fragile person at times and if something was wrong he would never want to trouble us with it.

We heard Gee get up and walk to the bathroom at about 10.00 . We were on our way to a hotel in Philadelphia to play at the Tower theater but had a 2 day break before hand which was rare. We were sitting round the dining table when Gee stumbled in looking tired, pale and afraid. Was he frightened of our reactions to the previous night? It hurt me to think that he thought we would be angry for whatever reason.
''hi '' his voice sounded broken from crying
'' hey, you alright? '' Ray asked already worried by our friends appearance, he looked like he could collapse at any second.
''Ummm yeah just really really tired '' he confessed as he pulled up a chair. As if on cue Mikey pushed a mug of coffee towards him. The ultimate sign of brotherly love. He gave a weak smile. After a few awkward minutes in silence he spoke.
''W-What happened last night'' he turned to face me ''Frankie you said we would talk about it in the morning'' his voice sounded so confused and innocent but i was still unsure myself. I glanced at Mikey.
''I woke up and you were tossing, turning whimpering in your sleep. so i went to your bunk to comfort you because you were crying. '' Mikey looked up to study his older brothers face ''then you covered your ears and started screaming, y-you wouldn't wake u-up'' Mikey began stutter as he watch Gerard's face turn even whiter (if that was possible) and his eyes widen. Ray took over from here.
''You were screaming something about being sorry and that it wasn't your fault, Gerard what were you dreaming about? '' Gerard looked down at the table.
''why does it matter'' he whispered in a small voice. Mikey got up and walked round to Gee and pulled him into a embrace
''please Gee '' he began ''if we know what your nightmare was about we can find out whats wrong, please you don't look look sick''.
''Mikes i'm fine trust me, just a bit tired and creeped out by this dream but don't worry i can handle this''. He gave us a crooked smile.
''Okay boys we're here'' the driver shouted from the front of the bus. Gerard hopped off the bus seemingly happy that we had dropped the subject. I shook my head. Last time he said he could handle it he almost killed himself. This was going to be a very long day.

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