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And We'll All Get Together When We Bury Our Friends

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''If i had known what was coming, i would have never closed my eyes''

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Gerard's POV

I was glad we were here, i didn't want to discuss last night with anyone. My heart was still pounding. Had there been blood on my hands or had i been imagining it? this was so fucked up.

We checked into the hotel and got some practice for Thursdays show. But i couldn't focus on my voice, my mind was still trying to unravel my dream and what it meant. I must have not looked 'with it' because Mikey kept giving me strange sidewards glance's and after an hour or two Ray suggested we take a break.

I collapsed onto my bed still exhausted from stressing out over my nightmare or whatever it was. It was so real and vivid but made no sense. I could never kill a person, let alone my best friends and own family. But i could practically feel that cold hard blade in my hand. I could never tell anyone about the blood i washed off this morning, they would think i was going crazy...maybe i was.

I pondered my own sanity as i heard Frank open the door (we were all sharing rooms and Ray refused to share with Frank due to his tendency to wake us up with cold water). He gave me a smile i knew was forced. He was still worried. I had literally bolted from rehearsals so i could be alone with my thoughts, so naturally he had come to check up on me since Frank hated when anyone was upset.
''Frank I'm fine just tired'' i said maybe a little harsher than intended but i needed to figure this out before anyone started asking me questions. Frank opened his mouth to say something but got the message with the look i gave him and left. I sighed, he would probably called Lyn-z and tell her something was up but i didn't want to burden her, she had Bandit to look after.

My eyelids felt like led, and my thoughts faded away.If i had known what was coming, i would have never closed my eyes .....

A pile of lifeless corpses lay in front of me. Why was i holding the knife. They had the faces of my friends, my family, my parents. Everyone i held dear. I felt a pair of hands rest on my shoulders. Mikey stood behind me in disbelief. ''GERARD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE'' his words rattled around in my head getting louder and louder until i couldn't take it. I had the knife in my palm and i plunged it into his chest. He toppled to the floor and fell with a sickening crack. I stood there, blood dripping down my face. ''Mikes'' i whispered into the darkness not expecting a reply. I screamed in horror at my actions. And yet again i fell but this time i never did hit the ground.

Franks POV

Okay, i guess Gee wanted to be alone. What if he couldn't figure out his night terrors? He was really distracted in practice earlier and we could all tell that he was thinking about his dream. His eyes had that same afraid panicked look, as if someone was after him with a butterfly net. When Ray suggested we have a time out, Gerard he had run out of the room without a second thought. Maybe he just needed time to understand it a little better and then he would tell us.

But just in case he didn't share it with us, i figured i should call Lyn-z. She should know what was going on with Gee even if she was busy with Ban Ban and all her work with MSI. I was downstairs in the lobby, trying to hack Rays laptop (God it's fun to mess with that guy). CRAP, i left my phone in the room. Well i had been gone a good half hour Gerard might be up for a bit more practice and the others were getting impatient.

The elevator was 'out of order' and we were on floor 9. Yep so far this was not a great day and i had feeling it wasn't going to get any better.

I finally reached floor 9 only to hear the elevator pass me. Talk about bad karma . I was fumbling for my key when i saw the room. I started to hear strange kind of yelling noises as i got closer. Panicking i broke into a run (despite still being out of breath from my trip up the stairs). I had a gut feeling something was unsound with my best friend, and i had never been wrong before. I just hoped i could help in time.

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