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All Dance Alone To The Tune Of Your Death

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''No ones going to hurt you'' I whispered. ''Thats not what i'm afraid of...''

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HA HA i'm so evil. I know whats gonna happen naoh. And i repeat GODDAMN THE INTERNET. i'm only updating cos someone [not naming any names] threatened to kill me, oh well i had it coming anyway.

Franks POV

I jammed the key in the lock, panicking to much to much to know if it was the right one. After a few unsuccessful tries i burst through the door. Gee was lying on the bed writhing in his sleep. He was screaming in agony and cold sweat ran down his face, if i didn't know any better it looked like someone was inflicting torture on his delicate body.

I ran over to his bed, this had to be another nightmare. He was shouting something about being sorry and that he didn't mean to do it. Do what? i wondered. Whatever he was saying became inaudible due to his cries of pain. I was frozen almost in a state of shock, i hated seeing my best friend this way (no pun intended).

Tears steamed down his face. I shook his shoulders in a attempt to wake him from his living hell.
''Come on Gee, wake up'' i was almost yelling. ''PLEASE WAKE UP''
I shook harder now, almost pulling him off the bed. His eyes suddenly jolted open looking fearful and bewildered.
I exhaled in relief ''Fuck'' was all i could say and was all it took for him to break down into terrified sobs.

''Gee...'' i said treading carefully. I went to give him a needed hug to comfort him but he pulled away. By now he was crying so much i was scared he wouldn't be able to draw in enough oxygen. I tried again to embrace him but curled up on the far side of the bed.
''Gerard please'' he was to weak to fight back when i grabbed his arm. He struggled for breath as i protectively wrapped myself around him.

We must have sat there for hours until Gee's crying turned into quiet weeping sounds. What was happening? More importantly why?

''Gee...please tell me whats going on...your scaring us with these dreams''. I tried to choose my words carefully ''Maybe if you talk to us about them ... we can help?''. I glanced in his direction to see his reaction. His eyes were red and swollen, and his skin abnormally pale more so than usual.
''You can't help me'' he choked out, and he turned away from me. I sighed, he was closing himself off from me.
''No ones going to hurt you'' I whispered. There was silence as i waited for a response from the distraught singer thinking maybe i wasn't going to get one.
'Thats not what i'm afraid of...'' he said finally. With that he got up and walked out. I wanted so badly to follow him and ask him what he meant by that but i knew better than to press on about the subject. All i could was speculate.

Mikey's POV

Gerard and Frank had been missing for about two hours now. But knowing Frank he had probably gone to ask Gee what was bothering him. I was worried my brother would end up in the 'bad place' again if this wasn't sorted out, whatever it was.

''Ray?'' we were still in the practice room, despite everything going on we still had a show to do. ''What do you think is really going on with Gee?''
''He's probably just ill or something you said yourself he didn't look well'' he gave Mikey a sympathetic look ''Don't worry Mikes, if it got really bad he would tell us ... you know he would''.

Mikey stared off into space trying to take solace in his friends words.
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