Review for The Only One For Me(?)

The Only One For Me(?)

(#) ShannonThePirate 2011-03-27

YAY I WIN!!! I mean lotms, not lotmas lol and its a my chem thingy :P YOUR SHIRT SOUNDS AMAZING! it must have taken alot of time and effort, it shows you are a true dedicated fan if you went through the bother of making something so time consuming (:
so this is my character DUN-DUN-DUNNNN! if you want more info just say so in one of your authors notes and i'll tell you what you want (:
Name: Hayden Taylor
Looks: very thin, very tall, years lots of black eyeliner, ghostly pale flawless skin, snake-bite percings, ears stretched (about 8millimitres) with black plugs, realy light icy blue eyes, inky black hair like Destery from IDEK (if you never watched IDEK you must go to youtube a.s.a.p lol) or like andy sixx (before he grew his hair realy long like it is at the moment)
Clothes: black skinny jeans, black converse or the black+white checkered vans, band tees
Personality: kinda socially awkward at first but 10 minutes later he will come out of his awkward little bubble of shyness and becomes hyper, random and talkative.
Likes: coffee and energy drinks such as mountain dew and red bull, hugs, laughing at realy stupid things or super lame jokes, video games and horror movies. he also likes dinosaurs and he thinks they're just so cute ^^
Dislikes: spiders and the girls that wear so much tan that they look like they just rolled in a bag of cheese doritos.
Music: avenged sevenfold, all time low, blood on the dancefloor, the used, black veil brides
Other: he is gay and has a massive crush on Zacky from avenged sevenfold, he loves to sing, he sings screamo like Andy Sixx (Black Veil Brides) in 'Knives and Pens', he is so thin because he has no appetite from drinking coffee and energy drinks all the time so he rarely eats, but when he eats it's usually sushi (:

Author's response

Very descriptive! I love it! He'll be here soon! And I hate the "cheese doritos" tanned girls too. And Hayden has good taste, gotta love BOTDF! I think I have the perfect ringtone for him. :)