Review for I'll Be There [Re-written]

I'll Be There [Re-written]

(#) CosmicZombie 2011-03-29

awww, that was really, really good! loved it :) it was cute and funny and original and sweet...awesome 3AM oneshot (sometimes i find i get the best ideas then haha!) dunnno why i didn't read this sooner D: sorry i gave you such a short review for 'hold your breath,kid' but i only had time to post my new oneshot and review your story really quickly, and i didn't know when i'd be allowed back on the computer...ah, the joys of sharing a computer with your family lol xD god, i'm terrible at rambling on and on haha! sorry! i'm gunna go rate this original now, cause i think its freakin awesome and soooo sweet! :D
keep the good work up! :)

CosmicZombie xo

Author's response

wow thanks :) its something different and my first oneshot lol its just one of them spure of the momments XD
oh god it's okay i'm glad you have cuz i really love your reviews so thank you :D
oh its fine i'm just happy you did and awesome i will check out your oneshot :)
no way that was the same for me lol but that was back when i read high school musical fan fiction on youtube ewww bad times bad times XD lol
hehe same lol and thank you again
your awesome thanks so much for the support and reading i think nearly everything i've posted haha
i'll try XD
xx coz