Review for The Only One For Me(?)

The Only One For Me(?)

(#) Kill_the_mainstream 2011-03-31

Amazing =D

I just have to say one thing though. As a huge BVB fan, I feel compelled to inform you that Andy's name Is spelled Six, not Sixx. He prefers only one x. A lot of people get it wrong thinking that it is like Nikki Sixx though. Sorry, I'm not trying to be critical, this is just a friendly FYI =)

Keep up the good work!

Author's response

That hurt my feelings! Boo Whooo! Just kidding. :) Thanks for telling me. I just fixed it. And even if you were being critical I wouldn't mind. I always saw it spelled with the double x so that's how I typed it. Sorry! And thank you! I'm glad that you told me and I'd like to say thank you about the amazing part. :)