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New Faces and Half a Loaf- Ch 18

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AnotherKnifeInMyHand, ShannonThePirate, Ne me touche pas, Keep-it-Ugly thank you to all of you for reviewing and thank you to those who rated! This one is from Frankie's point of view.

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Enjoy! And I'd like you to give Hayden a warm welcome!
I walked towards Gerard's house in the chilled morning air. I needed to hurry if I was gonna make it in time. I really should have worn a coat or at least a jacket. Gee had made an incredible recovery, but there were still holes in his memory. Lots of them. I was nervous, it was Gee's first day back and and so many things could go wrong.
I knocked on the door and Gee's mom came. She opened the door smiling.
"Hi Frank. It's so nice of you to walk Gee to his stop. You should have seen him. When I came down, he had toasted half a loaf of bread! He said that he just loved the sound. You should have seen the look on Mikey's face!" Mrs. Way laughed hard and I chuckled a little. "He's right over there." she said, pointing towards my raven haired angel. I went over and he turned around.
"Shh." he said pointing towards the toaster. I stood there with him in silence as he stared intently at the toaster. After two minutes of silence, the bread popped up toasted. Gee jumped up clapping. "Isn't that great?! I love it! Like I love you!" What? Gee loves me? I watched his face fall a little. "Sorry. I..." He trailed of shyly. He turned his face down and he hid behind his hair. "I shouldn't have..." a tear trickled down his cheek.
"I love you too Gee." I said quietly. He looked up slowly.
"You do?" he asked, somberly. I was afraid to speak, I couldn't think of what to say. I knodded shyly. He gave me a big hug,and even though he was the one fresh out of the hospital, it felt like he was going to crush my bones. "Frankie! I've been trying to tell you since I woke up- no, since before I woke up! I love you so much." He hugged me tighter, which I didn't think was possible a second before, but I loved that I was so close to him. I love him, I really truly do.
"I love you, Gerard. I love you so much." I just held him enjoying the moment, savoring it. "Gee baby, I love you, but we gotta get to the bus." We both reluctantly pulled away. I smiled at him, then held his hand as I led him to the door. He let goto lace up his shoes and put on his jacket but then went back to holdoing my hand as soon as he was done. I opened the door, and we walked into the cold.
We got on the bus and I sat in the seat with him holding his hand. When we got off he kept holding my hand. We went all the way to his locker like that as football players around us muttered and mumbled. Gee even made a face at one that flipped us off. I laughed at his childish reaction. "Gee hon, I gotta go. Got to get to class." He frowned. I let go and started to walk away.
In art class, there was a new kid who was seated next to me. Gee only let go of my hand when he started drawing.
"Hey I'm Hayden." the kid said. He had Andy Six like hair and was honestly smokin' hot. His pale skin was greatly contrasted by his inky hair and black clothes. His eyes were heavily lined which really played up his iced blue eyes. He towered over me even while sitting, but was slender and thin. He was shy in a cute way, but Gee is the only one for me.
"Frank. Nice to meet you!" I said smiling. He grinned shyly back at me. Aww! He's so cute! I stuck my hand out for him to shake, which he did but lightly, like he was afraid it was a trick. "So how's it going?" He grimanced.
"Not great. You?"
"Sorry 'bout the suckish first day. I have to say, my day's been pretty good." I responded, involuntarily looking towards Gerard. His eyes widened in understanding. I waited for some gay slur. But none came.
"Are you and him...?"
"Not exactly. It's not official, but I have a feeling it will be soon." I smiled a little. My guard was still up, if this kid was a homophobe I wasn't unperpared.
"Well, congrats." he said smiling. "He's definitly good looking." I broke into a real smile as I let my guard down.
"Do ya want to sit with us at lunch?" He smiled widely.
"I'd love to." He turned back to his art for a second and I noticed his plugs in his ears. They were sweet! They weren't too big and looked just right.
"Cool black plugs by the way." I said casually. His perfect fair skin turned a light pink color across his cheeks.
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