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I DO Have A Brother!-Ch. 17

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Thank yous to Keep-it-Ugly,XFrankIeroismyheroX, georgieeMCR98, and ShannonThePirate! And I would like to announce the winner of the contest is...(drumroll) ShannonThePirate!

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First I'd like to congragulate ShannonThePirate (confettie flys everywhere and a crap-load of balloons get released)! Second, I would like to beg and plead with cup-full-of-blood for another chapter of Happiness or Misery? (Annabel gets down on her knees and pleads and begs). Anyway, this is from Mikey's point of view. Enjoy!

Man, Gee doesn't remeber me but he remembers Frank-n-furter over there perfectly. Oh well. I laughed at Gerard's expression. He looked so confused. Wait, is his ear bleeding?

"What's up with your ear?" Gerard loked down trying to hide a giggle I had already detected. Frank blushed a serious shade of red. "Forget I asked. Why did that nurse leave with coffee though? I mean knowing Gerard, he'd NEVER turn down coffee." Frank's blush got worse and his face was as red as a firetruck. "Well, she left it outside. I'll go get it." I left the two odd friends alone and retrived the coffee from outside.
When I came back in, Gerard was smiling at me and his ear stopped bleeding.
"Hey, umm...can I have some coffee?" Gerard asked shyly. "Please?"
"God, you used to never ask for coffee! You used to just say 'Mikes, coffee.' Of course you can have coffee! Did you think I'd bring it in to NOT give it to you?" He shrugged.
"Thank you!" he said as I handed him the glass. His whole attitude is freaking me out.
", what all do you remember?"
" remember coffee, and...Frankie! I remember Frankie! And I know that cats are soft, and I don't like doctors. And I remember what an adjective is! I remember bunches of words, and I have a favorite cereal. I don't remember what it is though. I...I'm remembering something. You ARE my brother! MIKEY! Mikey I'm so glad I remember you! I swear, it's such a horrible feeling to have someone know all about you and not know them at all. Mikey, did you use my hair straightener again?" This time I blushed.
"Yeah, umm...sorry. I thought you wouldn't mind."
"It's fine, I'm just glad I remembered that I even HAVE a hair straightener. Oh, God, my hair must be a mess." Frank and I laughed. I guess things are going to be alright.
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