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I don't remember

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Thank you Keep-it-Ugly! This is part 2 of chapter 16 I Don't Remember. Enjoy!

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Frankie licked my tongue making me moan again. His hands were supportting my neck. He moved one hand to my lower back. Then he licked the roof of my mouth. My head went dizzy with pleasure. I couldn't help but continue to moan. I was laying in Frankie's arms while he made me the happiest man alive. It wasn't fair.
I licked across his bottom lip. When I reached his piercing I carfully wrapped my tongue around it, trying not to pull it incase it hurt him. I could tell it didn't hurt him. He moaned and another wave of pleasure washed over me. Frankie wasn't next to my bed any more, he was on it.
He was on top of me and I loved it. His knee moved up over my hip, hooking his leg around mine. His hips hovered over mine as we explored each other's mouths, each new movemnt bringing a new pleasure. I had to sit up just a little cause Frankie was short.I put my hand on his back, then moved it slowly to his neck. He broke the kiss. Did I do something wrong? I gasped for breath I didn't know I was needing. He was gasping too.
But then he started leaving kisses on my neck, each getting closer to my ear. He licked and sucked and nibbled his way up, making me moan again. My breathing was spastic and he started chewing my ear lightly. Oh God, this felt too good. It couldn't be real. But it was, and I loved every second of it.

"Mr. Way I have your co-Oh, sorry." Frank was startled and accidentally bit down on my ear too hard. I yelped.
"I'm sorry Gee!" Frankie exclaimed rolling off the bed. He hit the ground too hard and landed with a loud thud.
"Are you okay?" I hope he isn't hurt.
"Yeah, I'm fine." My ear had started bleeding.
"Frankie, there's someting I need to tell you. I-"
"HEY GEE!" I heard from the door. I knew the voice from some where.
"Hi. Who are you?"
"It's me, Mikey. Your brother?"
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