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Slumber Party! ;) -Ch. 19

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Thank you to ShannonThePirate, Kill the Mainstream, and Keep-it-Ugly! I have to warn you guys Frankie has some dirty thoughts in this one. You guys won't mind though, right?

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For the rest of the period everyone was super focused on their art. By the end Gerard had replicated his toaster on the canvas all the way down to the reflection of himself paatiently waiting for the slice of bread to pop up.Gerard and Hayden went off to Gym and I was on my own.
I went down the hall and there were people whispering all around me. I kept hearing my name. I really didn't care what they said. Gerard loved me that's all that matters. I saw a shadow looming over me, smothering my shadow. What now? I just kept walking. It was starting to annoy me. I didn't like that Gee might get grief over this. If some one messes with him, I swear they'd better watch their back.
"Hey f@g." I just kept walking, pretending he wasn't even there. "Hey f@g, I'm talking to you." I felt a meaty hand on my shoulder, holding me in place.
"What?" I said with acid in my voice.
"You do know your going to hell, right?" he said with a grin. I wanted to slap that smirk off his face and kick his religious fat @$$.
"Ladies first." I replied to him gesturing for him to walk straight to hell now. "Pi$$ off, will you?"
"No." With that he grabbed my arm and twisted it. "And next it'll be your sh!t of a boyfriend." That's it.
"Leave Gerard alone!" I screamed at him, delivering a well deserved kick to his b@lls. "You touch a single hair on his head and I'll f*ck!n' kill your @$$!" I walked away while he rcovred from the kick. If some one even bothers Gerard, I will murder them. I was so p!$$ed off at the idea of some one messing with Gee, that I walked into the wrong class. I went out the door and went back to walking. I just can't let some one or anyone mess with Gee, I guess killing them is a bit extreme, but I guess they'll just recieve a serious @$$ whipping.
I tried to put myself in a happier place, some place with Gerard and coffee. I wonder how him and Hayden are getting along. Hopefuly the like each other. An image of the having a little bit too much fun came to mind. Oh God! Not like each other that much! Gee wouldn't do that and Hayd doesn't seem like the type. I wonder if anyone else calls him Hayd.
I eventually got that image out of my head and I sat in class, completely drowning out the teacher. Maybe I could convince my mom and his mom to let Gee sleep over my house. I love the idea but I feel like I might be taking advantage of him. I mean asking some one so sweet and innocent to spend the night? Sounds like I'd be taking advantage of him. But it sounds so fun! I'll ask, if he likes the idea he can come over and I won't push him. I won't try to make him do anything while he's over. Everything will be his decision. And if he gets too carried away, for his sake I'll stop him. The bell rang and I couldn't wait to ask Gee.
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