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Not a chapter but so hilarious I must tell you guys.

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Hilarious MCR dream. If I'm related to you, please don't read! Same if your a teacher of mine! If you don't classify in either of these, read on!

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I had a dream were I was with Gee and Frankie-boy. Gee started flirting with Frank and I got all jealous.
"What the hell? Back off Gee, Frankie's mine." I shouted at Gerard.
"Annie hon, Frankie is mine." Gee said back in a casual way.
"That's not what Frankie said last night!"
"Hey!" Frankie exclaimed, blushing.
"Frankie!" Gerard yelled at adorable little Frank-n-furter (AKA Frank)
"Sorry Gee! I couldn't help it!" Frankie said.
"Told you he wasn't gay!" I teased Gerard.
"That's not funny!" Gee whimpered like a little kid.
"Aww...Don't feel bad Gee." I said patting Gee on the back.
"Think about it, I just found out that I'm being cheated on!" Frank gasped and his face turned red as Gerard started sobbing.
"Gee didn't you know, Frank is married."
"What do you mean?" Gerard looked up dumb founded.
"You're married too, Gerard."
"Oh, so that's why Lynz was in that dress and Frankie had pics on his Facebook page with him in a tux." I rolled my eyes at Gerard and then went and poured myself a cup of coffee.
When I came back Gee and Frankie were making out.
"Gee, what did I tell you? Frankie. Is. Mine."
"Sorry, Annabel. I just couldn't help myself." Frank replied.
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