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Gym-Ch 20

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Thank you time! Thank you to jodiethejodster, Keep-it-Ugly, killjoy blackrose, ShannonThePirate, AnotherKnifeInMyHand, and CosmicZombie! This is Hayden's POV. Enjoy!

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As Gerard and I left for gym I was getting a bit jittery. I'd gone three hours without caffeine and was going into withdawal. I would kill for a Red Bull. I kept moving my hair out of my eyes as I listened to Gerard describe the sound a toaster makes. He acts like a little kid and it's adorable! We got lost. How could he be lost? Is he playing with me? His eyes were twin pools of utter confusion. I took the crumpled up map out of my pocket. We were at the opposite end of the school.
"Hey Gerard, if you don't mind me asking, how could you forget where the gym is?" I asked timidly. I'm such a girl sometimes. All shy and crap. I don't want to impose but I dont really know when people are trying to mess with me. I noticed Gerard seemed a little unsettled because he couldn't remember.
"Well, I hit me head real hard...and now I guess I have amnesia. Today's my first day back." He blushed a little.
"Oh." I had no clue what to say. "Well, at least we have good exscuses for being late." I said cheerfully. He laughed a little, then sat down in the middle of the hall. "Umm...What are you doing?" He looked like he was concentrating really hard.
"I'm trying to remember." Ileaned up against the wall as he sat there with his eyes shut, mumbling to himself. He looked crazy. I went back to looking at my map. A teacher rounded the corner and tripped over Gerard.
"Oh shi-What are you two doing here? Class started more than ten minutes ago." Ahe scwoled at us, then after recognizing Gerard her expression softened. He looked a little scared. "Oh Mr. Way! Your back! Are you feeling better?" Gerard looked completely bewildered.
"Umm, well, I'm out of the hospital, and I've been able to remember some people but I've been completely directionally challenged." He said shyly. It was clear he had no clue who this person was.
"Do you to need some help finding your next class?" We nodded in unison and she walked us to the gym.
"Thank you!" Gerard called enthusiasticall as the teacher rounded the corner. We went into the locker room and somehow he managed to remember his locker combo. He got changed and I was very tempted to peak but restrained myself. He's already got a boy friend. I didn't have a locker or uniform, so I just waited for him and we walked in to the gym together.
It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop and as soon as the door creaked open, every head whipped around to face us. I felt myself blushing as everyones eyes burned holes in then through me.
"Mr. Way welcome back and welcome Mr. Taylor. I'm glad the two of you decided to join us. Do either of you have late passes?" Gerard's head tilted to the side in questioning and I shook my head.
"We were lost, sir." I spoke up weakly. My voice was shaking as much as my handss were from caffeine withdrawal.
"Both of you?" He said doubtingly. Anger flared up inside of me and I gained some audacity.
"Well, since I've never been here before and Gerard just came back from the hospital, I think it's perfectly reasonable that both of us were lost." The teachers face went red with anger.
"A hundred push-ups both of you!" he shouted. Gerard raised his hand reluctantly. "What?"
"Sir, what's a push-up?" he asked innocently.
After gym I went and got my lock and uniform. My assigned locker was next to Gerard's. I headed towards my locker when I heard a series of gay slurs and insults. I looked towards the commotion and saw they had Gee in a head lock.
"Get off of him." I heard myself growl. I marched over there and grabbed the pathetic exscuse for a person who was tormenting my friends hair and yanked. With a cry of pain he let Gee go and luckily Gee was already changed so we ran out the door into the mob of kids in the hall.
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