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Lunch time with Mikey and the Gang-Ch. 21

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AnotherKnifeInMyHand (A stain that never comes off the sheets, clean me up, I'm so dirty babe), MCR 789, perfectzombie, and ShannonThePirate thank you from the bottom of my heart. Mikey's POV!

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I was passing the guy's locker room heading towards lunch when I was knocked flat on the ground. What the hell? I tried to stand up but I couldn't. Were they still on top of me?I was being crushed.
"Get the hell off of me!" I shouted.
"Mikey!" I heard the familiar voice of Gerard scream enthusiastically from directly above me.
"Hey Gee. Umm, do you mind getting off of me?"
"Okay." Gee was off but I still couldn't get up. "Come on Hayden." The rest of the weight got off and I could breathe. I took a couple deep breaths then stood up. Wait, who's Hayden?
"Why were you on top of me?" then I realized I was facing the wrong way. I turned around.
"It's along story." A person that I didn't know said. He was tall and thin and had epic piercings and black hair.
"Cool piercings." I said casually. "Anyway, let's go to lunch." They nodded and I led the way. I dropped my notebook and a couple pencils over by our usual table, then headed with Gee to help him get his lunch. The other kid trailed behind. Is he a stalker or somthing?
After all of us got lunch, we (including the stranger) sat down at our table. Frank was already there so Gerard went and sat on Frank's lap, which made Frank seem even shorter. What's up with them? Oh well.
"Oh, Mikes! I almost forgot to introduce you! This is Hayden! Hayden this is Mikes." Hayden smiled at me shyly then he jumped a little which made me jump from surprise.
"Oh, I was wondering do any of you guy know how to get toast unstuck from a toaster?" Hayden said talking a-mile-a-minute.
"I d-"
"NOOOOOOOOOOO!" Frankie and Alex shouted in unison.
"What ever you do, do not, let him near an elcetrical appliances!" Alex shouted. She'd just gotten to the table and hadn't even put her tray down yet. She sat down near me, but not real close (she was extremely claustrophbic). Her red hair had been staightened so it was spikey and as always she looked amazing. "He'll blow up you house!" she continued, snaping me back to reality. Everyone (me included) laughed.
"Hey Alex, your looking beautiful as always." I said in a casual way.
"Aww, thanks Mikes. That's so sweet!" she said pulling me into a hug and snugling in to my side. My heart rate increased and I was sure she'd hear it, but she did'nt seem to as always.
"Gee! I'm so glad your back! How are you feeling?" she said happy and concerned at the same time. Gerard smiled widely, he remembered her. Alex had been our friend forever and had dated Gerard in middle school untill they decided they'd rather be friends.
"Alex, I'm doing great! How 'bout you?"
"I'm in a very purple type of mood" she replied smiling like she won the lottery.
"And how's Mr. Frankie over there?" Frank grinned at her.
"I'm in a lime green type mood. Maybe with a streak of hot pink." They laughed.
"And how's my wittle Mikey?" she said cuddling up to me.
"Umm, I-I'm f-fine." I could tell I was blushing. She ruffled my hair and then started to braid it.
"I'm sorry I'm so close, just cold." In my mind several ways to warm her up flashed.
"I don't mind." I replied.
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