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Mikey's Crush-Ch 22

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I'm sorry but I just wrote one of the best chapters and it dissappeared. It's lost forever. I'm gonna put down what I remember. This one picks up at exactly where the last one ended. I'd like to say that Alex has no idea Mikey likes her. She really doesn't have a clue\. Mikey's POV!

"Your a life saver! With out you I swear I'd be a popsicle!"
"Well, I like popsicles." I said, making her giggle. I wish I could ask her out, but I can't. It'd ruin everything. If she said no, it'd probably destroy me. She'd never be able to just lay in my arms again which is something I couldn't bear to lose. I just sat there with her cuddled up to me, enjoying every second I could of her being close.
"Love ya Mikes!" Alex said enthusastically, walking away. What?
"Where's she going?" I asked worried.
"To the Bermuda Triangle. Take a chill pill Mikes. Probably just went to the restroom." Sure enough five minutes later she came back.
"How are my angels?" she asked.
"Lovely." I said as she plopped down next to me snuggling into my side.
"Yay!" she cheered. She does flirt with all of us alot, if it was just me I'd think it meant someting, but it wasn't. She didn't think it was a big deal, probably because she's so confident. Like how we all eat each others food, she'll eat it even if someone already took a bite out of it (unless there's meat involved because she's a vegetarian). In her mind she just thinks of it differently.
"And who might this be?" Alex asked Hayden.
"Hi, I'm Hayden." They shook hands and started up a conversation as I tried to keep Alex warm.
"Hello? Earth to Mikey!" Gerard said snapping me out of it.
"Am I free this weekend?" I rolled my eyes.
"Gerard, you have five doctor's appointments." He groaned.
"Can I not go?"
"Not unless you want to be hospitalized."
"Am I free after school Friday and Saturday morning?"
"Yes!" He cheered as if he'd won loads of cash.
"Hey Alex?" I asked.
"Do you want to" What the hell am I doing? "hang out over the weekend?" I changed from 'go to a movie together?'
"Sure! Sleepover?" she asked raising an eyebrow.
"Sure, I'd love you to!" She wasn't joking or trying to be sexy or something. Since Alex was so confident, she just thought of it as a friend thing. She just thinks of it that way. She thinks about kissing the same way. She'll kiss Gerard, Frankie, and even me and even when there's tongue, she think's it's just fun and that we're all friends so it's no big deal. She isn't like a $l*t though. Like she's still a virgin for example, but has no problem sleeping over with any of us.
"Hey I'll be sleeping over at Frankie's Friday night so how about everyone sleeps over at our house on Saturday?" Gerard asked. Everyone agreed (Hayden as well).
"Hey do you want to meet down town before? We can get coffee." I heard myself ask. Oh God! what if she thinks it's a date and says no and aliens abduct her and I never see her again? What if she never wants to talk to my again?
"Sure! I'll have to walk though."
"I can pick you up."
"Really?" I nodded "Thank you thank you thank you!" She said giving me a bone-crushing hug. I can't wait until the sleep over.
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