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You Choose

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Imposible to discribe. You're gonna have to read.

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Hey guys and gals! It's Annabel and I have reached a fork in the road. For those of you who know what that means, you are probably trying to figure out what the heck I trying to say. So I going to try not to confuse you. You people get to choose what happens to this story next. So what I decided to do is give you two numbers. Each one repersents a path this story can take. I want each of you to pick a number and leave a review with that number as your vote. Only the number. And just to make this interesting if you can put one of my favorite pie flavors down in your vote with your number (only put down one flavor) then your vote counts as two because you know me so well. Back to the numbers, you'll have to go with your gut because I won't tell you what each number is because I like to suprise (sorry if I misspelled that) you. So I need as many votes as possible before tomorrow. I will update again this weekend if I feel there's enough votes. Yep, I'm holding the characters hostage. I want everyone to have a voice and in this there is a way to speak up. So ofcourse one vote per person, each vote counts as a vote and a vote with a correct pie flavor is two points. I hate to make threats but if no one votes then no chapter for a while because I need all of your opinions. So please everyone vote, I'll know if someone viewed and didn't vote, I won't know who but I'll know someone did. And do you know where that'll hurt? Right here, in my heart.

So the numbers are: 17 or 32

So pick a number and stick to it, because sadly if sixty some people vote and twenty change their minds that complicates it. So pick a number and vote! :) I wasn't trying to be snippy just need the votes by tommorow so I thought I'd try to keep it simple. So as many as possible and if total strangers who've never read a chapter want to vote fine by me. Happy voting! And choose carefully it has to do with love and one character may go into a suicidal type feeling, so choose carefully and go with your gut. Bye guys, I love you!
Annabel Lee

P.S. You can use my vote as an example.

I'd like to say polls are cloesd, and thank you to all participants!
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