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Note on the vote

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Okay well I'd like to say something. It was Thursday when Gee came back to school so ince it's still Gee's first day back they're going to have the sleepover in a day and I'm going to have the next chapter be about Saturday.
Also the voting turned out great! I'm proud of all you if that isn't too weird... anyway I was hoping it would be 17, otherwise I think I would have probably put some people into depression. Don't feel bad if you picked 32 because it would have been really interesting and dramatic.
Lastly I hate to hassle you guys because I'm so lucky to have you guys but I was wondering does anybody just have a deep burning hatred for Alex or find the Mikey and Alex crush thing boring? If any one does then I want to know because I like it but don't want to bore you guys. Yeah it may seem irrelevant but I was going to tie it in. Any way If you love the Mikey and Alex thing and you'd die inside without it let me know, and if you hate it to the point of no return and then some let me know.
By the way, I do like apple, cherry, and pumpkin but my all time favourites are french silk and black berry. Don't fret though, I'm not mad or anything the whole pie thing was just for fun.
Hope all of you have a great day and sweet dreams.
Love you all,
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