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Bouncing Off the Walls-chapter 23

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERARD WAY! And thank you to cup-full-of-blood. On a separate note: Well I'm glad that you guys are honest with me. I personally like Mikey and Alex's little thing but I get how you guys might not. Because some of you guys seem to enjoy it I'd like still finish what I started. Don't worry though, I never forgot about the fact this is a frerard, this chapter is from Gee's point of view. It starts the next morning (as in the Friday morning which means sleepover #1. You know what that means. ;) LOL Enjoy!
Frankie's warm, wet tongue licked slowly up my-
Something whacked me in the head.
"Oww, what?"
"Gerard wake up!" It hit me in the head again.
"God, stop i-" I was interrupted by yet another blow to my head. Finally I opened my eyes to see what Mikey was hitting me with. The pillow in his hands had to be the culprit. "Happy?" I said with a tired groan.
"Nope." he said with a smirk and before my lethargic mind could process that, he hit me in the face with the pillow. "Come on!" whack! "Get up!" whack! "School!"
"How the hell am I supposed to get up with you hitting me with a godd@mn pillow?!" I yelled in frustration. I stood up and he gave me a hug.
"Gerard, your back! But where'd that look a like go?" I laughed hard.
"What time is it?" I asked groggily.
"Time for you to wake up." he replied chuckling. My memory has been pieceing itself back together but I still knew so much was missing and some of it might never come back. Wait, today's the day! I'm gonna be at Frankie's house!
"Thanks for waking me Mikes!" and with that I raced down stairs and grabbed some slices of bread and stuffed two in the toaster. I poured myself some orange juice and a cup of coffee but, even after all that was finished the toast hadn't popped up. I looked over and the toaster was smoking a little. "Mikey! I need some help!" I called out. Within seconds he was walking in. He then saw the smoke.
"Holy $h*t!" He ran over and opened the silverware drawer and pulled out a fork, then thrust it in the microwave all in one swift motion.
"Mikey!" I yelled in surprise. His arm started shaking violently and the smoke began to poor out of the toaster. I ran over and yanked the plug out of the wall, which eased his shaking to only the occasional twitch. "Mikey are you okay? What on earth possessed you to stick a fork in there?!" He smiled then laughed.
"That was hilarious!" he said barely capable of anything except laughing.
"I seriously worry about you sometimes."
"Hey at least give me credit for getting the toast out!" I looked over and saw he had in fact pried a slice of toast out.
"Nice work." I said smirking. I ate my burnt toast and drank my coffee and orange juice, brushed my teeth, took a shower, got dressed, changed twice, straightened my hair, combed it, messed it up, straightened it again, put on just a touch of black eyeliner and smeared it a little. I paced in circles nervously then I remembered I still have to pack.
I went through my whole closet then settled on what to wear tomorrow. I knew it was stupid. I knew Frankie would love me no matter what I wore, but I wanted to look perfect for him. I sound like a girl. Then I realized that I'd said that out loud. I shook my head and went back to packing. Soon I was done packing and Mikey and I were sprinting down the street to get to the bus stop.

The whole day was going by with no classes with Frankie which sucked. Finally lunch came. It was such a relief. I got my lunch and then sat and waited for him. Soon I saw him coming out of the crowd towards the table. As soon he saw me he smiled brightly. My heart was fluttering round in my chest. I was glad he already had got he lunch 'cause other wise I would have had to wait for him to get back. He sat down next to me and placed his tray on the table. I couldn't help it. I forcefully brought my lips to his and felt myself relax in his arms. It was a soft, sweet, 'I missed you' type of kiss and as all ways it ended too soon.
"I love you." I said quietly to him.
"I love you too." he replied blushing. Both of us hid behind our bangs until the pale pink faded from our faces.
"I can't wait for the sleepover!" I said excitedly even though I knew I sounded like a little girl. Frank giggled.
"So what do you want to do?" he asked. Was it just my imagination or did he say that suggestively? All sorts of things to do came to mind, most of them made me happy Frank can't read minds.
"I don't know." I lied. "You?"
"I can think of some things." he said sexy-ly, winking flirtatiously. My heart fluttered a bit.
Just then, Mikey and Hayden sat down arguing over whether or not it was a good idea for Hayden to drink another Red Bull. I sided with Mikey, Hayden had already had three and he could barely sit still as is. Alex came into view.
"Hey Sexy." she said to me, sitting down in my lap and winking causing everyone to go into a laughing fit. "What's up, guys?" she asked.
"Nothin' much." Mikey replied. They'd make the cutest couple. I can't believe they aren't together already. But that's their business. We all chatted lunch away and all too soon it was over. I was reluctant to leave. Frank and I didn't have any other classes together for the rest of the day.
"Good bye my love." he said romantically making my heart melt.
"Fare well." I replied playing along. I waved and we went off to go suffer with out each other. The school day inched along painfully slow. Finally the last bell rang and I ran like a bat out of hell to my locker to get my stuff. When I got there Frank was there, leaned up against my locker. He grinned slyly at me. I grabbed my stuff and we went to his bus.
It was hard to sit that close next to him and not cuddle into his side or start making out with him. Mercifully though, the ride was over soon and we went into his house.
"Frank, Gerard welcome! I made you boys some coffee." She didn't have to ask twice. We ended up drinking five cups each and Frank was pretty much bouncing off the walls. We went up to his bedroom and he stood up on the bed and started jumping and all I could do was laugh.
Hey people! Don't worry, there is more sleep over #1 coming your way in the next chapter! Have a great day! So long, and good-night!
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