Review for Full Of Holes.

Full Of Holes.

(#) ChloesGreenDay 2011-04-02

1.How did you come across MCR?
Well, about two years ago this total rock girl at my school called Andera went on about them loads (I was scared of rock at the time, prefering the Jonas Bros shudders)so i google imaged them and saw the black parade uniforms and i was like "eww emos!" so i didn't look any further. Then about two months later she was still talking about them so i youtubed them and the I Don't Love You vid came up, and i was like "meh, it's alright". And then like six months after that i went into HMV and saw they were over promoting TCFSW in their "rock" section (which i had passed to get to all the gross pop) and i was like "WTF that album cover of that band Draya likes looks scary/japanese and it reminds me of needles" xD. (at the time i subconsiously loved Teenagers, but didn't know it was by them)

Then, about 10 months ago now, my dad started playing 21st Century Breakdown by Green Day in the car like everytime we went out, and i FELL IN LOVE. I became totally obsessed with Green Day (but still liked the Jonas Fags). A week later, i heard Plug In Baby by Muse and decided that i hated all pop, and i was going to convert to rock. So i dropped Jonas losers and GD became my favourite band.

Because some random GD fan told me that MCR were crap live, i took their word for it and hated on them just cus' i can't stand bands that aren't good live. Then, on November the 18th of last year, i heard The Ghost Of You & a live version of Cancer, and i fell in love. :D I've adored them ever since.
2.When did you come across MCR?
Two years ago xD
3.What’s your favourite album?
Litrally, all of them. I admire them all because they are all completely different.
4.Who is your favourite member?
Man, i can't pic. I