Review for Full Of Holes.

Full Of Holes.

(#) DeathCookie 2011-04-02

1.How did you come across MCR?
Watching SURS on Warped Wednesday on Fused!
2.When did you come across MCR?
June 2005
3.What’s your favourite album?
Three Cheers, because it takes me back to being much younger, and finding myself.
4.Who is your favourite member?
5.Do you like Danger Days?
Haha, sometimes I have to ask myself: "is this a Tears for Fears cover album?" but I honestly really like it, because I am a fond supporter of 80s styled jams!
6.Have you seen them live?
7.Who’s hair is the most rad?
....I think the answer to that is obviouse...cough Ray cough