Review for Full Of Holes.

Full Of Holes.

(#) ShannonThePirate 2011-04-03

Spelling like that brings me back to like 6th class! I was worse though.... So it's ANSWER TIME:
1. KERRANG! And one of my awesome friends (:
2. Oh mann... Forever ago! :P
3. Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge. It's one of the few albums where i love EVERY song! ^^
4. Frankie!!! ^^ I live for this dude! it's his fault that i play guitar! (:
5. i do, but i like their old stuff better :/ The whole Killjoy theme is pretty cool though. :D
6. no... :(
7. RAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His hair is godly! fantisizes about touching the epic 'fro ^^