Review for "You'll never fit in much, kid."

"You'll never fit in much, kid."

(#) cup-full-of-blood 2011-04-05

heeyyy well you know me i just lovee reading and your stories always end with me wanting more haha and the are soooo great so yeah in 8 or more chaps would be great more realistic like you said :)
i just cant wait for more
oh and i replied back to your review you gave me but stupid ficfuck got rid of everything but one line that i replied back with :/
so i just wanted to say thanks sooooooo much for your reviews and support and its really nice that you asked me how my tooth is its doing fine now :) i think the little buddy can make it xD
hope your dentist visit werent too bad :)
cant remember what else i siad in my reply but it was loooooonng....untill most of it got chopped off XD
anyway your awesome i thinkk that about sums it up :p
carry on doing what you are doing :D
xx coz

Author's response

awww, thank you :D you're reviews always make me smile like a crazy person haha! uggh, i hate it when stupid ficfuck does that with replies and reviews...epcially when they're really long (like mine usually xD. well, it's decided, i'm defo gunna do the eight chapters :D glad your tooth is okay haha!i had to get a filling, but it was okay- my dentist is actually okay lol
once again, wanted to say how much i love your reviews- i always look forward to them and they're really supportive- so glad you like my work! :D
right, i'm gunna stop rambling now haha xD thanks again, and i can't wait for your next updates on hold your breath, kid and happiness or misery?...i freakin love them :P

CosmicZombie xo