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Need your help!

by CosmicZombie 24 reviews

need you guys opinions on something for the story...

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hey, i know i really need to stop posting notes, but i really need to ask you guys about the story- basically, i can end it in two chapters, or i can have a bit of a twist (which i think will make it more realistic) and it can end in around seven or eight chapters. both ways will have a happy ending (i.e. a certain couple getting together...i'm sure you all know who xD) but i was wondering which you guys would prefer- can you put up with this for eight more chapters? i don't want to bore you all haha! i personally think ending it in eight chapters or so would probably be more realistic, and would suit the story better, but i don't want to carry on if no one wants to read that much...please let me know what you think? would it be too much? you guys really are such awesome readers- thank you so so much for all the reviews :D I'll update hopefully tomorrow or the day after :) thanks for reading!

CosmicZombie xo
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