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Chapter Eighteen

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Art competitions, scary physics equations and bad decisions...

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NB: the physics equation in this chapter is one from my physics book…no idea what it means though hahaha! xD

Chapter Eighteen

Frank’s point of view:

The murky, stormy looking clouds are still lurking ominously at the horizon as I make my way to school the following morning, ‘Scream’ by the Misfits blasting into my ears, hair freshly washed and straightened, red eyeliner carefully applied.
Last night, for possibly the first time in living memory, I slept peacefully; No nightmares. No tossing and turning. No dreading the approaching dawn.
I’m feeling alive, energised and…happy- properly happy; the kind of happiness that totally fills you up, brimming over the edges and making you unable to suppress a smile or bouncy stride.
It’s actually ever so slightly extremely scary that I’m feeling incandescently happy at 8:15 AM on a school morning, not to mention I’m actually almost looking forward to school.
Okay, PE, double maths, assembly, the fouls school dinners and yet another argument with Mr. Arthur over my eyeliner, not so much.
I’m looking forward to seeing Gerard and Bee.
Gerard and Bee.
I savour their names on my tongue, smiling slightly as I think about them.
Bee; her love for music, her quiet rebelliousness, her awkwardly wavy red-brown hair, her scary ability with physics, and her big, kind chocolate brown eyes.
Gerard; the first person since junior school who’s made me feel it’s okay to be myself; his crooked grin, his clumsiness, his tendency- similar to mine- to blurt out totally random things when he’s embarrassed , his obsession with horror movies, bats, art and the colour black, his perfect, vampire-like features, raven black hair and long, white, spidery artist’s fingers, his enchanting, startling, unique eyes: the subtly different tones of emerald and hazel that mingle and mix together, creating an intelligent, slightly wild, artistic, nervous, somehow trustable expression, laced with subtle dark humour.
Wait, did I just spend, like, five minutes describing Gerard’s eyes in unnecessary detail?
I guess it’s just cause I’m excited to have friends, right?
I shake my head at myself and scroll down the list of new songs I downloaded to my ipod last night after Aled’s sabotage on them, picking ‘Lean On Sheena’ By The Bouncing Souls.
The early morning air is surprisingly warm; the golden glow of the sun bouncing off the pavement and the crinkly, russet leaves that crunch crisply under my worn, stripy converse, but the almost too perfect atmosphere is marred by the glowering, grey clouds in the distance, gradually creeping closer, casting an uneasy shadow over the clarity of the perfect blue sky.
I shiver slightly form the clashing of the two skies; the calm and the furious, the almost violent contrast between them making me uneasy.
The school gates are looming mere metres away, and suddenly I get a mini panic attack, little black bats of doubt flapping round my mind and fluttering uncomfortably in my stomach, chasing away my carefree mood.
What if Aled gets me?
What if Bee and Gerard aren’t here today?
What if they don’t like me anymore?
What if, what if, what if…?
The words of doubt echo round my head as I wend my way shakily across the school yard, weaving my way in and out of the chattering students, the doors of the main entrance looming closer…closer…
The stormy clouds are getting rapidly closer now, being swept towards the school, dark and forbidding, by the fresh Autumn breeze that rustles the golden leaves littering the steely grey concrete of the yard.
The bats are whirling so fast round my skull I’m feeling dizzy, the image in front of me blurred, my legs trembling. I’m about to turn back and leg it home when I feel a hand on my shoulder.
I squeak and whirl round to find myself gazing into a pair of glimmering, greeny-hazel eyes.
Gerard’s eyes.
Gerard is standing in front of me, smiling slightly.
I exhale shakily with relief, my panic slipping away.
“H-hi.” I stutter.
“Hey.” He smiles. “You okay?”
I smile back a little shakily in return to his infectious grin. “Yeah thanks.” I say, because I am now. “You?” I add, starting to feel a little ashamed of my panic attack.
“I’m goods thanks.” Gerard replies, holding open the door of the main entrance for me.
“Hey, did you finish that art thingy for the competition?” I ask as we trudge down the disinfectant meets school dinners scented corridor, suddenly remembering our conversation form last night.
“Uh yeah- I just left it in the art room.” Gerard replies.
“Can I see it?” I ask hopefully, looking at Gerard who’s all dishevelled raven hair, stripy hoodie and sleepy expression.
“You really want to?” Gerard asks, sounding surprised.
“Hell yeah!” I grin, shifting the weight of my school bag.
Gerard giggles; those high-on-helium-and-sugar-little-girl insanely cute giggles.
Which I just called insanely cute again.
Seriously, what the fuck, Frank?!
“Okay then, if you really want.” Gerard grins, pushing a stray strand of ebony hair behind his ear. “I warn you, though- it’s seriously weird, okay?”
Weird is awesome.” I reassure him.
“Well, if weird is awesome, I must be one of the most awesome people on the planet!” Gerard jokes as we climb the stairs to the art room.
“You are.” I blurt out, then flush bright pink, wondering firstly, where the hell that came from, and secondly, just how fucking weird it must have sounded.
Gerard has a slightly pink tint to his deathly pallor as he ducks his head and mumbles “Thanks.”
We ascend the remaining flights of stairs to the art room in awkward silence, me biting my already stubby nails, Gerard hiding behind his hair.
When we reach the art room, Gerard pushes the door open, ushers me inside, and gestures wordlessly to a canvas by the window.
Y mouth falls open.
Gerard’s painting is breathtakingly amazing.
It’s a gnarled, blackened, dead tree with spiky, claw-like branches, ruby blood dripping off the ebony twigs, so dark it’s almost inky black. There are tiny slashes in the rough bark of the tree, where the blood is darkest, gradually lightening as it oozes across the tree, further away from the viciously cut wound. The crimson blood trickles onto the background which is a deep, velvety violet twilight with growling, charcoal thunder clouds and a thin film of satin mist which seeps across the twisted trunk; though even that and the light which is in deepest, darkest shadows isn’t enough to conceal a pair of wide, startling white eyes with bloodthirsty scarlet slits peering out of the gnarled branches.
I suddenly realise Gerard is looking expectantly at me, and I haven’t said anything for, like, two minutes straight, so I shut my mouth (which was still hanging open in awe) and say-
“Wow?” Gerard says hopefully, eyes wide and expectant.
“Wow.” I repeat. “That is fucking AMAZING!”
Gerard’s feature break into a relieved grin. “So it’s okay?”
“Okay? Okay?!” I repeat incredulously. “It’s unbelievably fucking amazing- that has to be the best painting I’ve EVER seen! You are SO gunna win!”
“Thanks Frank.” Gerard is subtly pink, but his eyes are shining with happy pride. “Glad you like-“
The bell rings then, cutting Gerard off and making us both jump and groan.
“Ughh…lessons.” Gerard sighs, making his ways over to the door. “Whoever invented them should be burnt at the stake. What you got?”
“Physics.” I grimace, following Gerard out the door and back down the endless flights of stairs. “You?”
“Chemistry.” Gerard frowns worriedly, chewing his lip.
“Ah.” I suppress a grin- if Gerard manages to spill dangerous acids and ignite his eyebrows and other students in the simplest of biology experiments, I hate to think what he does in chemistry.
“What are you laughing at?” Gerard is looking at me indignantly.
Maybe I didn’t suppress my smile as well as I thought I did.
“Laughing?” I say innocently, mouth twitching.
“Yeah, laughing…” Gerard says, narrowing his eyes and surveying me suspiciously.
“Well, put it this way- if I hear an explosion or the fire alarm goes off first period, I’ll know who caused it.” I grin teasingly as we go out the fire exit at the bottom of the stairs, taking the shortcut across the grass towards the science block.
Gerard manages a face of mock hurt for a couple of seconds before we both burst out laughing.
“Mr. Charles has banned me from experiments actually.” Gerard says with a hint of remorse. “After I poured a PH1 acid all over his new blackberry phone and it melted.”
I burst out laughing again and I clutch Gerard’s skinny forearm for support.
My chuckles dry up almost instantly as I spot an all too familiar figure striding across the grass towards us.
Perfectly gelled streaked blonde hair.
Designer jeans.
Spotless trainers.
His cold eyes bore into mine, brimming with cold fury, glimmering with ice-cold venom and pure hatred that states one thing clearly.

“Hey.” Bee smiles, sliding into the seat next to me and getting out her physics book. “You alright?”
“Mhmm.” I say distractedly, tearing my eyes away from the window and trying to rid my thoughts of Aled Hutchings.
“Yep.” I force a smile, trying to ignore the nagging worry at the back of my mind. “You?”
“Well I’m overjoyed to have physics.” Bee says sarcastically.
“I know right.” I sigh, looking back out of the window.
The glowering, murky clouds are almost directly overhead now, and have chased away the sunny, golden October, along with my happy, carefree mood.
“Hanging out with Me and Gerard again?” Bee asks quietly, so as not to be overheard by Mrs. Lewis, who’s rambling on about some pointless physics shit.
“Uhhh, yeah, if that’s okay?” I smile tentatively.
“Course it is!” Bee rolls her eyes and smiles.
I smile back properly this time.
“Oh, I’ve got a guitar lesson in the music room this break, but you’ll be able to find Gerard okay, won’t you?” Bee asks. “He’s so psyched to finally have someone as crazy on the Misfits as he is! You don’t get freaked out by his weirdness, do you?”
“No, no! Weird is awesome- Gerard is awesome.” I say, then blush for the millionth time this morning
Bee grins. “I kno-”
“Miss Bryden! Mr. Iero!” Mrs. Lewis snaps.
“Yes Miss?” Bee says innocently.
“Am I interrupting your conversation?” Mrs. Lewis says sardonically.
“Well, yes actually.” Bee says matter-of-factly.
Mrs. Lewis’ nostrils flare angrily. “Well, lets see if you’ve been paying any attention at all, shall we?” kindly tell us the answer.” Mrs. |Lewis points to an impossible equation on the board.

Transmit at 400,000v
Power= voltage x current
1,000,000= 4000,000 x current.
Current= l,000,000 ÷ 400,000 = ?

Eeeech. I couldn’t answer that if my life depended on it.
Bee, however, looks at it for a moment and says brightly “2.5 A.”
Mrs. Lewis looks livid. “Correct.” She snarls.
I gape incredulously at Bee, who just grins.
Seriously, that girl is just not normal.

I wave as Bee departs towards the music room, and set off down the bustling corridor to find Gerard. I can’t see his distinctive messy raven hair or stripy hoodie in the mass of student s filling the science corridor, so I find my way outside, crunching my way across the dying grass and crunchy amber leaves.
Through the faint birdsong, the distant chatter of students and the rustling of dead leaves, I hear a familiar cough, and look up.
Aled is strutting out of the Art block- which is kinda weird, as he doesn’t even like art- towards me, eyes glinting triumphantly with satisfied hatred.
My stomach drops.
“Hey, Frank. You’re hanging with us today, right?” He says, eyes gleaming spitefully.
“Uhh…I…” I mumble, trying to edge past and not looking up.
“Frank.” Aled grasps my shoulder, trying to prevent my escape.
I look up reluctantly; his cold sapphire eyes are dangerous.
Aled takes a step forward, cracking his knuckles threateningly.
“…Y-yeah.” The moment I say it, all my old heavy, defeated depression washes back over me, this time mingled with guilt, pressing heavily on my chest; almost smothering me.
“Great.” Aled sneers triumphantly. “Lets go.”
He starts back towards the science corridor, the way I’ve just come, and I’ve no option but to follow.
That’s when I see Gerard walking toward us.
My heart sinks.
“Frank?” Gerard asks uncertainly, looking at me, eyes wide and confused.
“Frank?” Aled says menacingly, more a threat than a timid question.
He’s staring threateningly at me, as if daring me to choose Gerard over him, while Gerard’s gaze burns my skin, his eyes hurt and uncertain.
I don’t know what to do, so I just stay in defeated silence, the two choices eating away at me. Aled laughs in triumph.
“See, Way! No one likes faggots like you- not even freaks like this!” He jeers, then grabs my arm, pulling me away.
Away from Gerard.
I look up fleetingly as I’m dragged past, and feel, if possible, even worse; Gerard’s eyes are brimming with raw hurt and disbelief.
It goes through me like a knife, the emotional wound far worse than a physical one.
The guilty pain stays lurking in my chest all through break as I scuttle along behind Aled, Dom and Luke, just the way I used to forced to join in with their taunting, their teasing, their cruel, hurtful jokes, as they pick on people just like me.
And me.
“Why the hell did you want to hang out with that FREAK?!”
“He’s so fucking ugly!!”
“An ugly, freaky faggot!”
They all laugh.
I just can’t take it anymore, so mumbling something about the toilet, I leg it as fast as I can away from the people who make my life hell, towards the art room, where I guess Gerard will be.
Gasping, I reach the doors to the art block, wrench them open and glance quickly behind me, where I can see Aled’s figure in the distance, chasing me. My stomach drops in fear and I run faster still up the endless flights of stairs towards the Art room, breath coming in painful gasps, lungs ready to explode, chest burning.
Panting heavily, I reach the door to the art room, yank it open and step inside, chest heaving, massaging the burning stitch in my side.
What I see stops me in my tracks, chilling me to the bone.
Gerard’s wonderful painting is on the floor, mangled, broken and torn…utterly wrecked; the velvetiness of the purple twilight ragged and ripped, the intricate detail on the gnarled branches mangled and distorted, but the deep, ruby blood untouched, trickling off the ruined branches like blackened tears.

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