Review for Honey i'm home [Re-written slash]

Honey i'm home [Re-written slash]

(#) CosmicZombie 2011-04-08

mmmm...very hot xD i loved the sexy frerardness! :P really well written too, which was what made it so good :) loved this line- “Cocky.”

“Yeah but you like my cock,” he grinned.
haha, awesomeness xD really liked the last line too- so sweet! loved this oneshot, i'd rate it, but i'm too late :O but it's defo going in my faves :D can't get over how awesome your work is :) god, i really need to stop going on haha! keep the good work up!!

CosmicZombie xo

p.s. i've just updated "you'll never fit in much, kid"....xD

Author's response

d'awwwww thank you sooo much that really does mean a lot :D
haha i know i'm suprised :0
yeah its my first slash so i was a bit iffy about it but i'm over the mooooooon that you love it :p

may write some more XD
and god no wayyy my work is nothing compared to yours the way you explain things and set the mood is just briiliant and i love your enthusiasm in reviews thereee soooo nice
so thanks a bunch :D

oh lol i tried reading that last night but my friend beth (patrick is the sex) i.e. maniac perv kept me up and when i tried i fell asleep :( lol sowwy but i will read it tonight i always love reading fanfcition on the evening :)
xx coz

ohh and my "happiness or misery?" will be up tonight :D