Review for Happiness or Misery?

Happiness or Misery?

(#) iFreak_YouOut 2011-04-10

Oh jeez, his califlower friend and the one man sex act. Got to be the funniest things ever. Although I would really love to see a one man Gerard Way sex act. xD
ARGH, still have no answers though. I mean yeah I'm pretty sure I know, but still. And no Frerard yet dammitt!
That was just so adorable.
Haha maybe Gerard ended up lost in the woods because someone kidnapped him and chinned him in there. Or it was the ninjas.

Author's response

haha thanks lol i aim to pleaseee...hopefully lol hehe
yeah who wouldn't lol yeah i know you will like the next chapter will find out all the answers you need to know haha
yes sowwy its coming on though
haha lol probs the ninjas lol you will soon know anyway :)
thanks soo much for reviwing it means alot
xx coz