Review for Forbidden


(#) FlyingSmoke 2011-04-10

And thus the Twilight chain is broken! It's so good (I tear my heart open, just to feel [sorry, I do that whenever I'm listening to music and singing along or talking to somebody, I'll type what I say... So if I say 'Penis,' to my friend, it will pop up in my writing]) to see some Ferard though! Exclaimation point! Shockwave Current needs an update! :D!
sigh I'm truely going insane...
But I like it. I mean, aside from pissy Mikey and Gerard acting like Frank's acid against his skin, which in a way he is, but, aside from that, it's already good. It is cool though at how Gerard's red fringe tint is on his fur and his ears are the deepest onyx ever...
shakes her head Dear God, I'm insane. Just update after Shockwave is up.