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Frankie meets an oddly familiar wolf...

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I sat on the patio step around the back of my house. It was early evening, the first lone stars pricking the crisp September sky. Mom wouldn't be home until later tonight; she worked as a trainee nurse, ironic much, considering she was a vampire too.

With mom out of the way, I had more than enough time to think back to lunchtime today. Mikey's cold, vicious eyes still imprinted in my mind. What was with the Way brothers?
I sat there on the step, thinking over any possibility that they could hate me for. So far I had found none...So what was I doing that was so wrong? Gerard didn't actually seem so angry at me, just weary. His brother Mikey, however, was the issue. I honestly don't see what I have done to offend.

I sighed and buried my face into my palms, rubbing the heels of my hands against my shut eyes. This was just too confusing.

The sun had really begun to set now, tinging the sky a vivd orange and fiery red. I looked down to the end of the garden to where the woods began. There was no fence there, so I was free to explore. I stood up, put my hands into my pockets and strolled toward it.


I froze as the spine chilling howl echoed into the distance. There was a scuffling noise followed by a yap that was much closer this time. I started backwards, eager to get away.
There was a padding of heavy footfalls on the compact ground and I stumbled, hitting the floor.
Suddenly, a snout appeared, black nose and silvery whiskers twitching, followed by two large, hazel eyes that shimmered softly in the setting sun. My heart smacked against my ribcage harshly in an erratic rhythm and I wanted to desperatly move but I couldn't; I was transfixed by those beautiful eyes.
Four enormous black paws led to muscular forelegs and hind legs, followed by a broad chest with a perculiar red tinge, a long neck and two flint black ears. It was a male wolf. His tail flicked back and forth slightly and he edged closer, sniffing every so often. I was no longer terrified but curious and drawn in by this magnificent creature, so mystical, yet so horribly familiar. He prowled over to me and circled around where I lay silently, scared that if I spoke he would run away. All of a sudden, the wolf's face was directly infront of mine, boring into me with those hazel eyes. I remaind still as he flared his nostrils and snuffled around me with interest, his breath hot against my neck and arms, causing goosebumps to surface. His snout nuged against my pocket and he began to sniff wildly, whining softly and shoving my leg lightly with a gigatic paw. I sat up slowly as the beast made himself comfortable sitting down on the grass beside me.

Tentativly, I dipped my hands into my pocket, fingers clasping round a biscuit I had taken from the tin earlier. I pulled it out and the wolf licked his lips with a long pink tounge. I laughed slightly; he seemed so...human somehow.

I broke the biscuit and offered half out to him with a trembling hand.
"H-here." I flinched as the wet, slobbery tounge flicked across my palm, ravaging the treat in one go. As he took the other half, I reached out to stroke his ear. He saw me and yelped, dropping the food and darting back. His hackles raised and he growled warningly. His crimson chest glittered in the now moonlight as he breathed in laborous intakes of air.

"I-I w-won't hurt you." I whispered, shuffling closer, my arm raised to attempt to stroke him again. This time he snapped his teeth at me and I cowered away. The wolf gave me one last longing look that clearly said "I will come back." before turning and bounding back off into the woodland, howling one last time.

I shot off inside, slamming and locking the doors behind me as I ran into my roon, shaking and trembling. That wolf's eyes were familiar, far too familiar for my liking.

Things in Belleville just keep on getting wierder and wierder...
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