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"Frank Iero isn't it?" The receptionist smiled and I groaned. She had pronounced my last name Eye-er-ro when it should be Eye-ear-oh. I shouldn't complain, but after all the schools I've been to I'd expect there would be at least one that could get it right.
"It's Eye-ear-oh Ma'am." I corrected.
"Oh sorry dear, it's just I've never heard a last name like that before." I smiled at her. The woman must have been in her late fifties; grey and silver hair and a few wrinkles round her eyes and mouth.
"A student will be here to take you to your first lesson in a minute, Frank."

I nodded and, as if on cue, a student came through the door. I didn't even have to turn round to know who it was. My vampire senses alerted me to the spicy scent of pine, damp forest and woodland. I heard the beat of his heart increase and smelled the sweetness of the blood that pulsed around his body. I spun round and my suspicions were confirmed. The black hair with the copper streak and the glimmering green and brown that was his eyes.

Gerard Way.

"Ah," said the receptionist, completely oblivious to the tension and silence that had fell upon the scene. "Gerard will escort you to your lessons. Have an enjoyable first day at New Jersey High."

I looked at Gerard,
"Uhh, hi?"
He flinched at my words like I had striked him and stalked off, leaving me to run madly after him; damn my short legs. He lead me down the corridors to an old classroom, he opened the door swiftly and shot into his seat, leaving me to stand there like the total loser I was.
The teacher looked away from his board. He had black hair and was quite youngish in the face, he had kind blue eyes and a friendly smile.
"Ah, you must be Frank Iero." he grinned and I tried not to punch him as he said my surname wrong...again. "Take your seat beside Mister Way over there, he'll inform you of what to do and will be your lab partner for the rest of the school year."
There were a few sniggers from the back and I noticed a bunch of jocks whispering and laughing as they made snide remarks about either me or Gerard. I scowled and slumped into the stool beside Gerard.
Not two minutes into the lesson and the jocks had already started on me.
"Fag!" they whispered. "Hey, emo kid!"
"I have a name, dickheads." I growled, my temper rising and I could feel the two canines at the top of my mouth begin to sharpen, longing to shred their way through their scrawny necks. I saw Gerard's ear twitch slightly and he tensed, a quiet rumbling in his chest and he looked up, throwing me the most terrifying deathstare imaginable.
The jocks spoke up again.
"It's Frank, ennit?"
I tore my gaze away from those eyes that were beginning to bore into my soul.
"What?" I snapped back and they sneered, jerking a thumb toward the still quietly snarling Gerard.
"What's it like sitting next to smelly?" they asked. I frowned.
"Face it, the guy reeks don't he?"
Gerard had stopped growling and was slouched over his paper, head in his hands. I narrowed my eyes,
"Why don't you guys just leave him the fuck alone? You're not much better yourself you acne ridden, body oudor reeking, ugly fuck ups. Your ugly faces make Shrek proud. And as for Gerard, I think he smells fine, lovely infact so shut the fuck up."
The biggest jock growled and slammed a clenched fist into his palm,
"You're gonna pay for that, fag."
I rolled my eyes and turned back to the front. I looked at the Biology book, 'Hormones' simple topic. I began to feverishly write when Gerard leaned across the table to shift the book closer, brushing against my hand softly. His skin, though pale was hot against my cold skin. I gasped and snatched my hand away and he did the same.
"You're so warm." I whispered. "Why?"

I found myself reaching out to touch his skin again, eager to feel that hot, electric rush again. Gerard's eyes widened and he scooted further away in his seat, the growl rattling through his chest again. But it was a nervous uncertain growl this time, one that suggested he was more weary than angered. We stared, both of us fixated in the other gaze. God, he was so beautiful...

Suddenly, the bell rang into life and I jumped out of my skin. Gerard, however, sprang of his chair, grabbed his bag and left the classroom in a flash, not even saying goodbye.


I didn't see Gerard until lunch. I was sitting with Matt on the grassy bank, underneath the shade of a tree outside the gym.
"So, how was your day?" he asked, picking at his sandwiches and flicking crumbs into the bushes. I sighed miserably,
"It was awful. Turns out I gotta spend the rest of the year in the same lessons as Gerard, then the jocks started on him in Biology so I tried to stand up for him and the moody, gorgeous bastard fucking growls at me!"
Matt arcs an eyebrow,
"Did you just say that Gerard Way is gorgeous?!"
I clapped a hand over my mouth. Did I really just say that out loud? Aw, fuck. I must of blushed bright red because Matt grinned and chuckled softly,
"It's okay dude, your secret's safe with me."
I relaxed. I was lucky to have a mate like Matt, any other kid here would pound the shit out of you for the slightest roumor that you were gay, bi or lesbian, seems Matt is the only kid that wouldn't do that.

"Oi, you!" There was a shout in the distance and faint crys of 'fight, fight, fight, fight!!' mingled with pleas for help. Matt scrambled to his feet and we both ran to the ring of boys and girls. I pushed my way to the front.

The bigger jock from earlier in Biology had Gerard gripped in a headlock. His brother, Mikey was being held back by two other larger boys.
"Come on fag, fucking fight back!" He released Gerard from his grip and followed through with a fist that caught him on the nose. There was a crack and Gerard fell back, blood pumping from his nose. Anger raged through me and I felt my face flush red.

"Hey!" I shouted and ran at the jock, he turned just in time for my fist to smash into his cheek. Being stronger and being a vampire, I easily broke his cheekbone. He cried out and fell to the floor, clutching his face. The crowd scattered back in shock and the jock's burly mates dropped Mikey and legged it off down the field. Mikey helped Gerard to his feet, supporting him up. Me and Matt stumbled over,
"Here, let me help." I offered, reaching out. Mikey snarled, his upper lip curling and a growl so fearsome erupted from his lips that it turned my blood cold. He fixed me with an icy, heartless glare.

"Leave us alone, you've done enough here." And he prowled off, taking his semi-concious brother with him.
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