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*Frerard* dunno really, just got bored and wrote the begining to this, lemme know what you think?

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(This story is told entirely by Frank's point of view xo)

The alarm clock bleeped again and I groaned, flopping out a tierd arm to switch the goddamn thing off. I hate Monday mornings with a passion, but today was the first day at my new school, so that meant having to act completely human for the whole day.

"Frank! Get up! You'll miss the bus!" Mum shrieked from downstairs. It didn't matter if I missed the bus anyway, I could flit to school if nesscessary, but like I said, I gotta act human. Anyhow, flitting is quite dangerous. Flitting involves running so fast that you can arrive at a place in milleseconds but, it comes with warning; I've known many a vampire who couldn't control their speed and ended right in the path of an oncoming truck, not that it killed them, but it was still an unpleasant experience in itself. And then there was the problem of Vampire Hunters, I had ran into one once and paid the consequence for my foolish actions. I still had the scar, a hole through the back of my torso to the front of my chest where he rammed that metal stake in. I shuddered as I ran my hand over the familiar mark. A stake couldn't kill our kind, but it was incredibly painful. Only a werewolf could finish a vamp off completely, so we weren't indestructable at all, just...hard to kill.

I pulled a Misfits shirt, black skinnies and a black Jack Skellington hoodie on before grabbing my bag and heading off downstairs. I rammed my feet into my converse and with a cry of "Bye mom!" I shot out of the door to the bus stop just in time to catch the tacky hunk of junk.

I stood at the front of the bus, looking for a seat that wasn't near sneering jocks or prissy plastic girls. A boy suddenly caught my eye. He was dressed like me, except he had a Smashing Pumkins hoodie on the hung off his slim frame, his short, black brown hair was bedraggled, but in a nice way and in fact he was rather cute. He smiled when I plonked myself down next to him and held out a pale hand,
"Hey, I'm Matt Bellamy, who are you?"
I took his hand and shook it.
"I'm Frank, Frank Iero."
"Nice to meet you, Frank."
Wow. It looks like I might at least have one friend then.

Soon, Matt and I practically knew everything about eachother. Matt was an only child, like me, liked all the bands I liked and was straight. I was slightly disappointed by that, considering I was bisexual but ah well, you can't have everyone. But when the bus made the last stop I saw them.

The first was tall and lanky. He looked over the top of his glasses with burning hazel eyes. He had sharp features and mousey brown hair that spilled out from under his beanie hat that was perched lopsidedly on his head.
Another boy stood behind him, slightly smaller but his facial shape and stance gave him the impression that he was older. He too had smouldering hazel eyes that bored into everyone on the bus. His scruffy black hair fell to just at his shoulderline and was tinged with a rusty red streak in his fringe. Matt stooped his head down and I suddenly became aware that I was the only one watching the two boys.
The tall one inhaled deeply then turned those terrifying eyes to me. He walked past me and I swore I heard a low snarl rumbling from his chest. I turned my head to look at him slightly and saw he was sat directly behind me and Matt, his top lip tugged back and I realised he was growling. I gasped and turned away from him to see the black and red haired boy still watching me with interest. I noted how his eyes were more a curious green than an angry brown and I stared back, he was so beautiful. The boy behind suddenly spoke,
"Bro, you sitting down or not?" His voice was deeper than I expected and he made me jump. His brother didn't reply, he just kept staring at me with those hypnotic eyes. The boy behind sighed. "Gerard, sit down!"

Gerard, what a perculiar name...French isn't it? Gerard tore his gaze away and looked at his brother.
"Err...yeah, Mikey...I'm coming." He ruefully trudged off to sit behind me. He was so close I could smell his scent. The rich smell of earth, woodland and rain emmited off him, all spicy and warm. I could have stayed there all day just to breathe in that intoxicating smell.

The bus soon pulled up to school and the brothers bolted straight off, Gerard giving me one last fleeting look at the door before his brother dragged him offf. I looked at Matt.
"Who were those people?" I asked, watching them disappear into a classroom over Matt's shoulder.
"They," said Matt, rummaging through his bag. "Were the Way brothers. The tall one was Mikey and the shorter one is his older brother Gerard. Funny though, they never act so hostile around people, what did you do to piss them off?"
I stared blankly at him.
"I didn't do anything, I only met them today."

I looked at the window of the classroom Gerard had rushed off to and caught him watching me with sheer concentration.
"Anyway." said Matt. "I'll see you round, yeah?"
I nodded and he slung his bag back over his shoulder and wandered off to his home room.
I looked back at Gerard and waved a little. He suddenly ducked his head, but I could definatly see the small smile on his lips.

I headed off for the receptionists office, my head still spinning with thoughts of the curious Gerard Way.
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